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S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 Announced


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Get out of here,Stalker !



I´ve played both the original game and the (sucky) expansion,

i recall awesome hours finding anomalies,pimpin my suits with findings and firing my AK74 SU in the  woods ...

Not my worst times :D

Still,not really looking forward to this (rail)shooter.

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I am a big fan of Lost Alpha, but I found a better stand alone mod.  STALKER OGSE Standalone mod really takes the immersion from SoC and makes it so so much better. It also has all of the cut content from Lost Alpha, plus better simulation, features and new quests. The Dead City and 100 Rad's bars are loads of fun, have spent many hours getting drunk (IRL and in game, while gambling and farming blowouts so I can go collect hundreds of artefacts after) 

 Way better vehicles as well. I am really digging its ability to play music, have companions, read books, create artefact transmutes and customize weapons. They  also implemented a very cool magazine system for the AK pattern weapons, and new optics. AKM and a custom Saiga12 are my trusty sidekicks. Save often when  starting quests especially in Cordon! Finding Cheburashka(a talking stuffed bear, will be a huge help if you get stuck on a quest or puzzle.)



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