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Box loading function



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From the steam-page:



Blockdude 7 apr at 20:28 

This may sound like a dumb question, but is this MP compatible? I loaded it and once I was on a server with 2 clients, everything on the server went out of sync.

vurtual  [author] 8 apr ta 9:58 

It sometimes works completely fine, and sometimes it freaks out a little. I'm an inexperienced one-man "team", so there's lots of edge cases that can cause weird behavior. I'll put a link to the github for bug reports. 


Looking at the configs I can tell it requires CBA.  I was looking for if it's a server side mod or if every single client has to have it but couldn't tell.  And seeing how i'm in class no way of testing :)


5 minutes ago, Kacper said:

If it heavily changes the gameplay maybe its possible to add box loading into Blackfish via "easier" scripting? I mean functionality in actions menu.

A script is always better than a mod, I'm sure that if you find a plug n play script it'll be added.

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