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Return of Tanoa


Well, i just miss Tanoa map :D As a Zeus i can disable that annoying fog whenever im online so shouldn't be a problem for the players :) 

What about enabling it on EU2?

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6 hours ago, Stanhope said:

HALO has been discussed several times; short version: it isn't going to be in I&A.  I do suggest searching for the actual discussions here on the forum.

It was at one point but were talking when it was back on Stratis.


Only opened after the tower went down; most of the time it meant jupming into a hot AO and getting killed.


Had it's moments though.

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Hi Stan, nice to chat last night in AWE, most useful. What I and probably other noobs  need is the links to several guides. For example a guide to: what guns are available and what the symbols next to the guns refer to, a quick reference to ACE keystrokes (you mentioned head movement in vehicles for example, how to build a FOB, that kind of thing. Thes e guides are probably already out there but a noob trying to learn in game is frustrating for other players and the noob (me) ha ha. 

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