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Hey guys! I found my way here by looking up the Invade and Annex gametype. I am hooked. The work you guys have done is very impressive! Im from the states so ping will be pretty high when I play with you guys but enhanced is where it's at! I have about 300 hrs in Arma 3. Some of it in public servers and the rest with milsim groups. I will probably be asking a lot of question in the next few weeks to try and make an enhanced private server for the milsim group I'm in. I'll also be on your enhanced server as well to get to know you and play a sweet gametype! I'm looking to learn more about how you setup a server like this with some adjustment and just have a blast in the public server.


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Hello and Welcome,


if you want to have fun and going to ask about the gameplay then hop in the TeamSpeak, the guys are very cooperative ( i'm mostly now a days playing on AW Enchanced)

if your going to ask about technical stuff then give these guys a shout @GhostDragon & @ShadowAce11


We want to see you in the battlefield soldier !!! ;)

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