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RIP Oderus. Gone, but never forgotten.

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I have been in touch with Oderus's brother Richard, and his extended family from Brazil. It has been quite the experience swapping stories with them, using GOOGLE translate for Portuguese.  His brother laughed to tears when I told him the time Ody gambled with PUBG lootboxes and won a miniskirt that he sold for hundreds of dollars on the Steam marketplace. Almost a month later, and it still does not feel real. He was the best friend I ever had that I sadly never met in person. His loss has depressed me greatly. Gaming just is not the same anymore. We come for the games, but we stay for our friends. 

This is the very moment I met Oderus, before I knew the rules on teamkilling (to protect friendlies); there was a troll sniping friendlies on Stratis Alpha I&A, I performed some counter sniping and won Oderus's respect. It is good to hear his voice again... Watching this is making me tear up at work, alone in the office on third shift..


(If anyone could pm me how to embed the video, I would be very grateful. The HTML code does not seem to work.)



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