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Changeable taru pods



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We solely believe that EU1 is our unmodded server, available for everyone therefore we do not incorporate mods apart from the client-side ones such as JSRS, Blastcore etc.


We have a modded server, Enhanced, that allows mods that alter the play-style of the game. But to answer your questions, mods like you have stated would not be added to our public servers.

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Doesn’t really need a mod. You could make a basic script to remove one Taru and spawn another.


I don’t know enough about coding to do it myself, but I’m thinking something along the lines of:

- 1 specific helipad for Taru swapping

- 1 officer/object with an addAction to spawn the different Taru’s

- when you try to spawn a Taru, it checks whether there is another Taru within range X of said helipad. If not, nothing happens.

- if a Taru is found: remove vehicle, sleep some to avoid overlap, spawn the new one.


It’s a bit clumsy perhaps, but it might work and provide what’s requested.

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