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Make AO more alive EU1/EU2



I know there's been added more enemy air (if theres 40 players online 1 jet will spawn per AO). Thats good, but now theres like 0 enemy choppers. I would like the AO's to be more alive. Sometimes per AO there comes a transport chopper that transport a enemy squad of inf, the enemy CAS planes actually do bomb runs (As far as i've seen the CAS versions of the enemy planes never actually do CAS they just attack our choppers.) 


And this idea is off the topic above (idk if it's possible) if it was possible you guys should've already added it. But is it possible to add a arsenal directly to the vehicle inventory (AT soldiers often load up prowlers with missiles) and would it be possible to access that arsenal from the driver seat and load up the vehicle instead of first filling up a backpack then going to the car and filling the car up. 


Sorry if the grammar or spelling was bad my English suck.

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