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My name is Pascal AKA Pascal-NL and i am a unknown music producer from Holland, mostly as a hobby with sometimes some professional projects on the side.


I play in a fun-clan for years now and we meet each other every year in real life, great guys, but the game we play for years now is so boring.
When i first bought Arma 3 it did not fully fulfill my expectations, but then i discovered this community, and this is what i expected from Arma:D


No lone wolves but solid teamwork and good role play!


It would be nice to be a part of this community as well being a member of my own clan.
If this is not possible i will delete this account but i hope they can go together.
(Off course i will not promote my clan in any way, i am here for the community)





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Hi Pascal,


great to hear that you are enjoying our servers and the gameplay we provide!:)

As I see you already discovered AhoyWorld Enhaced (AWE) wich aims for the playstyle you are describing! Even though I guess you already have everything setted up, always feel free to ask if you need help or are unsure about anything.:)

For news and everything else regarding this very server we also have our own subforum (https://forums.ahoyworld.net/forum/86-enhanced-server-information-and-discussion/). If you want to, you can also give feedback there to help improve the mission if you spot a bug or feel like something should be changed.

And to help new players to get used to all the mods, etc easier we also have a guides-section in there (https://forums.ahoyworld.net/forum/96-guides/) that is definitly worth looking at even if you are already used to advanced-medical, etc.

Other than that I guess you already looked into our very obvious server-rules (https://forums.ahoyworld.net/topic/9185-awe-rules/) but these ones are literally only common sense.:lol:


Also it isn´t a problem at all if you also play with another clan as long as you not promote it. So no worries about that!:)



Best regards



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