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Hi everyone               im making this introduction because i want to get involved with ahoyworld :).  i bought Arma 3 like year ago and i have to say , my first server that i played on was  ahoyworld i am a medic there most of the time, sometimes pilot when im bored and i had lot of fun on the server! actually i am still having fun (EU1 btw) but i always wanted to be zeus on ahoyworld because its nice to make generated OP bit more harder or more epic you know. (good job to every zeus on ahoy)  , i have to say, really good server guys :).



Im from Slovakia (little country next to Czech Republic) im 16 years old and i am a gamer (suprisingly) i got 550 hours on ArmA (most of it probably on ahoy)  my english is average

im trying to be polite most of the time i like survival games and shooter games mostly milsim games and i as i said above i played mainly on Ahoy but i was zeusing on other servers which are now dead i had one community called Cerberus i was admin there we were hosting Zeus OPS so i got some experience but it died aswell i dont really know but i play medic in almost every game if its possible Squad,Arma,Battlefield series, and now the saddest thing even in garry's mod on modded servers i hope this is enough feel free to ask 

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