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after years of playing Arma on and off, and in case of Arma 3, mostly on the Ahoy Server, I decided to join and say hello officially since I am interested in getting into some more team-focused stuff than just the random hijinks on EU#1.

I am about 30-ish and from Germany. I am not really a shooter person, I mostly play creative games and management stuff, but Arma has been a thing I keep coming back to since the early days of Arma 2 (I owned Arma 1 but that has been so long ago I barely remember playing it). Even on the public servers, the people here have been a nice enough bunch. I know the base game fairly well, don't have much experience with the "Enhanced" mods, though. When not playing on a server, I usually practice with helicopters. CAS with planes and UAV I am at least decent at.


So, on to some nice teamwork, I hope.



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2 hours ago, Zeexe said:

 Welcome Hiramas to this beautiful community.


Also ask about Logistics support, i can see you will be excellent at it since you love "management stuff"


On to some nice teamwork i hope too.

I... I may have spent an hour or two (probably more) putting things back to order at Base or driving repair trucks around to fix some tank tracks....

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