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grimsy / Jan


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In-game name when banned: grimsy / Jan

What message displays when you attempt to connect? banned/teddy

Why do you think you were banned? i dont know why. im playing arma for years but not very often. im banned now for some month wihtout any idea why. i never had some problems on any server ... usually im playing on ahoyworld or 77 jsoc because i can play without mods. if you have any question about me or my personality im open to talk to you every time, just my english is not the best.

Why (in your personal opinion) should your ban be lifted? if im playing arma, im playing serious .. im 32 years old and also serving in military. so my values about a friendly and respectful gaming are present.

Which administrator banned you (if known): 

When were you banned: must be one year ago

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Hello Jan, You were banned in February in 2017 for advertising a other Arma 3 server. 


We do not allow this because we do not want any recruitment on our servers, also the online safety of our players is very important to us. 

Who knows were internet links or IP addresses will lead a to. 


Looking at the ban report from 2017, it does not give me a 100% assurance that you were indeed advertising or just saying to a friend that you were switching to a other  server. 

A year has passed, therefor I am willing to unban you, but if you do advertise again, you will receive a permanent ban from our servers. 

Ban appeal is successful.

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