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[SQUAD] Squad Thursday - #5 (14/06/2018 @19:00 UTC)


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Squad Thursday is official!


(Every Thursday at 7PM!)





Upcoming Event (#5)

Date: 17/05/18

Time: 19:00(UTC)

Mode: Advance And Secure

Map: Kamdesh

Factions: British Army vs. Russian Army

Server: [ENG] EU1 AhoyWorld.net




Similarly to Stiletto Wednesday and Stiletto Friday, Squad Thursday will now fill that day-long gap between those two events with some tactical, team-play oriented Squad action!


No roles are predetermined before the event, however team will be balanced according to player numbers and individual skill/experience. Anyone is welcome to take the Squad Leader role for their team and use their own style of tactics, provided they stick to the rules given at the time. We highly advice that AW members take the role to keep, not only their squad, but also their team in check. Don't be shy, we encourage it!


This post will be updated according to the date of the next event after the previous event has passed.


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Squad Thursday #3 will be the first Thursday event on Ahoy World's new official server running Squad V.11!


  • Be prepared for some new features like the introduction of the melee weapons, new vehicles, a brand new faction and much more.
  • Since the server will now show up on the 'Official Server' list we expect an increase of new and random players.


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