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Yeah that mod, Blastcore Phoenix and those old discontinued cool mods, for whoever lived under a rock, this mods make the blasting and explosions effect more.... cinematic. The surprise is. ITS BACK!!!. But not officially of course . a guy called Paladin edited the old version and made a standalone available in steam workshop. Question is, why not implement it in ahoyworld. its pure cosmetic and doesn't affect anything, just like dynasound. it doesn't increase your skills ( does it??) . since its back i would love to see it in EU 1 I&A .


Steam workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=767380317

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18 hours ago, GhostDragon said:

In the past there was an issue with the smoke and its inaffectiveness against AI meaning people would put up smoke cover and then be shot through it because hostiles could still see you. 


It is possible to disable the smoke by removing a couple of files, That is how I have mine setup. It isn't really hard to do at all just remove some files

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