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Yes admins are for cleaning the shi*. I know. Just type "!admin" and the job will be done. But when noone is responding when someone in example using AA jet for CAS...

What about HQ slot? Just 1 man who must be on TS, if something goes wrong just calling an admin (if HQ guy isn't on TS just kick him). I dont know, maybe its stupid idea. Waiting for opinions xD

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basically,what xwatt said is standard routine and will most likely work out,also typin !admin EU1 report + name of offender is usually enough to get a admins attention.

Not to forget that none of the people doing admin duty is paid for the time they r spending on it - so please dont expect an answer instant.


Then there s different ways of handling the issue,like:

- talk to the offender via chat making him aware of the issue

- screenshot and fill a report on the website

Remember,there s so much minor BS happening that people feel the need to call in admin for it s ridicoulous admins actually giving a fuck about (stuck WASP,broken choppers,change of time,change of weather,server restart to fix client fps,etc)


Aaaaaaaaaaand,you can always apply for the admin program for EU1# or 2#






HQ like in the warfare gamemode where 1 chosen/voted commander manages tasks,goals,buildings,base stuff



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