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Hi All, in game name Tim, very new to Arma 3, what a steep learning curve after hacker infested run and gun COD and BF. Cam to the game looking for a more tactical experience and so far it’s ticked the box. Still looking for the best fit role for me, struggling with info on how to use teamspeak, unsure if you use Task Force Radio or not??? Anyhow I apologise ahead for any stupid mistakes and unintended Team Kills, over and out! 

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Hi there


All depends what server you are on, but I asusme the public ones as opposed to the AWE server.


The public EU1/EU2 servers are ideal for people new to the game, are mod light (only a few basic mods are usuable and they are optional), does not use TFAR and does not enforce the use of teamspeak (it's optional). You can use in game chat to speak if not using TS (only use direct and vehicle chat) and its a bit more of a free for all so grouping up is based on just asking in the side chat/TS or go it alone.


AWE is a heavily modded server, is a bit more tactical/cohesive, uses TFAR and requires teamspeak by default (for TFAR). However it is also a public server, so anyone can join.


I'd stick to the public servers for a short while to get to grips with the game, but the guys on AWE are mega helpful as a rule and they will give advice.


If you see me online drop me a yell happy to help where I can.

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