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Dynasound & Enhanced Soundscape have come to stay!

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Protect your ears: audio on AWE just got that tad bit better.


For those who want it.


After a successful trial run of both DS & ES, we've decided to keep the keys on the server as entirely client-side mods. This is optional and not a requirement, so if you prefer the default sounds or your machine can't handle the modded ones, nothing will change for you.


For now, the installation of Dynasound 2 and Enhanced Soundscape lies entirely in your hands. You can find them on the Steam Workshop here and here.

We explicitly do not support these mods. If your FPS tanks, especially when using ES, that's an issue you will have to deal with yourself. Still, feel free to report and troubleshoot for the community's benefit.


Enjoy the immersion.



AWE Steering

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3 hours ago, Walk'N said:

to do it more simply, can we just use the AW public sound mod?


I've just used the same dynasound and enhanced soundscape version on enhanced on EU1, works perfectly fine.


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