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1.     Name the MOD, Map or Feature: Blufor kuma

2.     Describe what it does, or how you see it working: A mod or texture for the kuma so we don't have to use the AAF one when playing as BAF.

3.     Provide a Steam-link or Bi-Thread to the request (if available or applicable):


4.     Concisely tell us why you think it will improve the server, or player experience, by implementing it:

Can either be used as a mod or simply extract the camos out of it and put into the mission file.  Could also be packed into a new mod together with all the dog sounds, pictures, ... that are currently in stiletto.  Would keep the mission file itself a bit smaller.

(quote from the author that can be found on that BI thread:

"You don`t need any permissions to my addons. They are free to use/spoil/play with 

It`s better to send me a PM next time. I don`t check my threads often")

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