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How do I get 1 AO to Spawn in after Another like I&A or Stilletto

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Hi guys a bit of a question for those developer types.  I am working on creating a mission with multiple objectives ( i am very new to editing).  I am up to 3 tasks so far but i as wondering what is involved in making the AO's spawn in when the task is created like it does on your servers, rather than having a massive amount of troops and objectives all over the map from the start.  I totally understand if this is your secret coding and you dont wish to share, but if it isn't and if you dont would it be simple for me to do or would i need a bit more scripting and coding experience before even attempting such a thing!  Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated! (p.s. love the servers)

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Hey BB, 


Glad you are enjoying the server and mission. Nothing is super secret here - download mikeros utilities and use eliteness to open up a mission pbo and you can see exactly how the sausage gets made. 


For stiletto each of the submissions uses a trigger to determine when the mission is succeeded or failed, at which point a routine is called the launches the next mission. 



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