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[Guide] A Basic Introduction to Roles on AhoyWorld Enhanced.


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As per request, thought I might throw together a quick guide to explain some of the fundamental responsibilities behind each role on AWE. Note this will be in a basic explanation, so some more advanced details may be glossed over.


Firstly, if you are new to AWE, please consider reading this!


Should you be looking for a certain guide, or more detail about a certain role, please consult the Guide Section on the forums!


Platoon Element:



Platoon Commander - This is the big cheese on the server. This role allows complete control over all forces, however is only really useful once you have a full Alpha, Bravo and multiple support assets to look over. It should be noted that this role should not be taken to purely gain control over ASL if you wanted to do something different. This role allows you to create custom squads and edit existing squads, truly making for a diverse gameplay experience outside of the norm on AWE.


Platoon FAC - This role assists Platoon Command with radio duties. He is perticularely important when there are multiple air assets hence the name "Forward Air Controller". He may also act as a "Radio Telephone Operator" for Plat Co, carrying a radio on different frequencies and relaying information to him so Plat Co isn't bombarded with radio messages. This role has no specialty.


Platoon Medic - Essentially, just another medic role on the server though in a command style of thinking, is in charge of all other medics. To take this role into something a little more than just a medic, it could be used to give squad medics particular orders and get sit-reps. Additionally, could also be in charge of setting up a "Forward Aid Station" if possible. This role has no specialty.


Platoon UAV- The Platoon Un-manned Autonomous Vehicle Operator is in charge of all things regarding their name. They control these vehicles under the command of whoever is in charge and can carry out Recon and additional CAS or Fire Support at commands discretion. It should be noted that this role is particularly designed to control UAV's, and taking this role to gather a UAV Terminal then switch out to another to steal the support would be going against the rule set so to speak. This role doesn't really require a Platoon Commander, and may be taken at ASL's discretion. This role has no particular specialty other than the ability to take a UAV Terminal and specific UAVs from the Arsenal.



Alpha - Bravo - Charlie Elements


Squad Lead Element:



Squad Leader - This is generally the guy in charge, particularly Alpha Squad Leader due to the numbers we usually get on AWE. This role is in charge of their assigned Squads and give orders to their Teamleaders. They are usually a little behind the front line, though are perfectly fine to be up front with the rest of the boys. They assess the situation and determine what course of action is needed, upon finding the answer they give it to the Teamleaders, who carry out the orders. This role has the specialty of being able to deploy Rally Points and control Artillery. Rally Points allow for the spawning of troops after they die however only for a limited time, then there is a cool down. Artillery allows the role to designate targets, choose ammunition and call in fire support. Nothing more can really be said about the role.


Squad Intel Operative - Each Squad is assigned a Intel Operative, this role is capable of gathering intel from talking/trading with civilians as well as searching vehicles at a much more successful rate than other roles. This role should usually be kept light, as a lighter load should increase the effectiveness of gathering intel. The role should also be packing some form of trade supply, I recommend medical supplies personally, as these are needed to trade for intel. The Intel Operative is under the command of their Squad Leader and should aim to stay close for when needed. The Intel Operative has no particular specialties other than the ability to find intel at a higher rate than others.


Squad Marksmen - This role carries the ability to carry a Marksmen style rifle, allowing the user to put down accurate suppressive fire at longer ranges than most, usually exceeding the 600m+ mark. The role not only has access to different rifles, but also telescopic sights, giving the role the reach it needs. The Marksman should stay close to their Squad Leader, able to put down fire where needed and take out contacts at further range with more success. The role has no particular specialty, but proves very good for recon.


Squad Rifleman LAT (This role is also carried over into the fireteams) - The Rifleman is the core foundation of any military, s/he comes first while all other assets are there to assist. The Rifleman is a perfect introduction role, without much responsibility other than to just follow orders and shoot bad guys. The Rifleman role is one of, if not the, most flexible role on AWE capable of doing a fairly wide range of tasks. They are capable of putting down accurate fire, suppressing, doing recon, talking to civilians, gathering POW's and overall just doing the job at hand. The Rifleman LAT role is equipped with the capabilities to carry various launchers, be it Anti-Tank or Dual Purpose for use against vehicles or buildings.



Fire Team Element:



Fireteam Leader - This role is probably, if not the, most "in combat" leading role there is. The Fireteam leader must lead his small team of troops through battle to complete their objective, this is usually done by someone who can keep a calm collective head while having bullets fly past said head. The Fireteam leader will get his orders from the Squad Leader and must then carry them out. The Fireteam Leader should usually be in the vicinity of their Squad Leader, though are perfectly fine to push ahead to clear a way and secure a foothold so that the Squad Leader may then push up to re-link with the Fireteam. This role has no specialty.


Fireteam Autorifleman - This role is capable of throwing a lot of bullets down range. The role suppresses targets to allow the rest of the team the ability to push to a flanking position or to fall back to a defensive position. The role is also capable to painting targets with lots of tracers, so that the rest of the team may spot them or an air asset may be able to spot for CAS. Not much can be said about the role, however it can get heavy rather quickly so it is better to carry less ammo and conserve rather than carry too much and not find the need to use it all as it could've impeded your ability to get to the fight in the first place. This role has no specialty other than the ability to carry LMG and MMG weaponry.


Fireteam Engineer - This role is capable to carrying explosives to assist in whatever way explosives assist, whether it be to set up an ambush through the use of mines, or to destroy enemy assets which could be objective critical assets. The role is also capable of searching vehicles for IED's at a much more successful rate than any other, though you should aim to remain around the 20-30kg weight when doing this for maximum effect. The role also seems to be the only one capable of defusing mines, IED's and traps though the Logistical Engineers may also be able to do this. This role's specialty is the ability to find explosives and defuse them at a more successful rate than any other, they are also capable of carrying explosives and EOD equipment.


Fireteam Anti Tank - This role is purely Anti Armor, though may also use Anti Air, lets say it's purely Anti Vehicle. This role allows the user to carry an array of heavy launchers, capable of destroying ground and air vehicles with extreme prejudice compared to a smaller Rifleman's LAT. Not much can be said about this role, other than the fact that some of the weapons can be fairly complicated as well as very heavy. This role's specialty is the capabilities to carry various launchers that other roles cannot.


Fireteam Medic - This role allows the user to keep their troops in good health, ensuring that they are stable to fight in combat. This role determines whether or not a troop is fit to stay in battle or must receive MEDEVAC/CASEVAC. The role has access to IV's to help top up blood levels, extra bandages to help patch up patients, surgical kits to be used in appropriate vehicles to stitch up wounds, drugs to be used appropriately and body bags to ensure the dead get full honors. The role is also capable to checking the pulse and blood pressure more accurately than others. This role's specialty covers all things medical.


Fireteam Rifleman/Rifleman LAT - This role was explained in the Squad Element section.



Air Assets:



Vortex 1/2 - Vortex 1/2 are Air Assets that can cover a wide array of tasks, be it Transport, CAS or Recon. The Air Assets receive their orders from whoever is in charge and must carry them out while ensuring complete safety of troops on the ground. As previously stated, the Rifleman is the most important role and extra caution should be taken to ensure a speedy yet safe insertion. Pilots have final say on whether an LZ will or won't work, and have every right to determine their own course towards it and may choose to land at another LZ is the predetermined one didn't work out. CAS should be under the commands supervision, and Air Assets should only have weapons release once the command element has authorized it, this is ensure safety of both friendly forces and civilian assets. Air Assets should really only be taken by someone who is at least experienced in flying on ArmA. Flying on ArmA isn't a rocket science, in fact it's ridiculously easy to do but some of the tricky parts a leader may require from his pilots must be done in a safe manner, and this is where practice before the real thing comes in. These roles has no specialty other than the authorization to fly Aerial Vehicles.


Rambler 1/2 - These roles are the exact same as Vortex 1/2 however require a certain player number on the server to open up, they may also be opened up by Platoon Command if deemed necessary. Like all Air Assets, the commander on the ground has every right to ground them and tell the pilots to re-slot, should he not have a use for them. These roles has no specialty other than the authorization to fly Aerial Vehicles.



Armor Element:





Commander - This role is in charge of the armored vehicle, they give orders to all the crew members to instruct on what the vehicle needs to be doing. They must also be in contact with the commanding element, and will be ordered directly by them on what they need to do. This role has no specialty, however will require clean communication as well as the ability to work under high pressure.


Gunner- This role shoots stuff! The gunner in the armored vehicle will engage contacts at his own discretion if authorized but will usually receive the order from the commander on what needs to be engaged. The gunner is in charge of downing threats that pose a significant threat to the vehicle such as RPG gunners, and is perfectly fine to engage these at free will. This role has no specialty, however will require the ability to work under pressure and comprehend what is heard quickly.


Driver - This role is in charge of driving the vehicle, they drive the vehicle where the commander instructs and may take solid cover or defilade as well as foliage at their own discretion so long as it is still within the commanders area to move and allows the gunner clear vision. This role has no specialty, however will require the ability to work under pressure and comprehend what is heard quickly.


Loader - This role would be in charge of loading the gun, however this requires a certain script to make work. Apart from that, the role will act as a another set of eyes for the crew as well as take control of a secondary weapon when needed. The role may also be given the duties of performing armored vehicle maintenance and re-arming, as well as take the position of a crew member should they be killed. This role has no specialty, however will require the ability to work under pressure and comprehend what is heard quickly.



Logistics Element:



Logistics Squadleader - This role is in charge of issuing orders to his Engineers on what needs to be built and where, the role will receive orders from the commanding element on where a FOB may be built and will carry out the task of getting what's needed, built. The Logi SL should determine how many supplies is needed, and ensure all supplies are loaded ready for transport. The role has no specialty other than perhaps the same as the Alpha/Bravo/Charlie Squad Leader, if this is the case, it may need to be fixed.


Logistics Engineer - This role is purely there to build. The role has access to a building menu that allows the building of defensive positions as well as technical structures such as Spawners. This role's specialty is the ability to build FOB's as well as possibly carry out the duties of the Squad Engineer to ensure safety around the FOB.


Logistics Rifleman - Purely there to provide security for the Logistical Element, a fairly bland role that follows the same basic principle as the Rifleman explained above. This role has no specialty.



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