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approved [MOD REQUEST] Client side mods... PLEASE!

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Enable client side mods, seriously, why not?


The argument has gone on for too long now, I literally can't see any valid arguments to be made against their implementation.



The argument that players will have inconsistent sounds is simply incorrect; in fact, it's the exact opposite. DynaSound is made by the same sound developer for all the RHS sounds and therefore, by using DynaSound, you will hear many similarities and consistencies compared to vanilla sounds and RHS sounds.


I don't want to argue about it... I just want it added! If there is a reason why it cannot be so please explain.

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Thanks for your highly emphatic request.


We've looked at the previous discussion we've had about this and decided to give Dynasound a trial period starting with next Stiletto Wednesday, 28 Feb.


Word from the dev is that DS is entirely client-side and does not send traffic to the server. However, we still haven't reviewed if it works flawlessly with our specific modset. We're leaving this topic open for discussion and feedback, so if you experience any issues and have a verdict after the test, put that here.


We'll see where we go from there. Please be patient.




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