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Hello. I asked advice and questions about my ban appeal from one of your admins (Solex). In my opinion i didn't write disrespectfully and i asked legit questions but now he refuses to answer to me. i link the chat here. 



Hello. I would like to speak about my ban apeal. First of all, i did make my profile yesterday to your website and my profile picture did download straight from my steam account (i did change it when i did notice that your server will take steam profile picture when you log in w steam. And the second thing is that i want to know the evidece what was made against me when i did get the ban from your servers.   Started conversation: Monday at 05:41 PM



Also you give judgement without hearing the other side of the story. And also i would like to know that what server gives permanent ban from having wrong kind of name? Because when i did get banned first i did get kicked like 2 times by admin. I did comne back to server and asked that why my name (gayben) is wrong w no answer from admin and he kicked me again, then i did come back and asked again and then i got banned. ant then there was no message from why i had been banned. Replied: Monday at 06:05 PM



Hello Nibs, Again thank you for the time you took to appeal your ban. In October 2016 you have been banned by our Admins because: 




- You were in a pilot slot and were not actively flying, you were told to do so by a Admin but did not comply. 

1.1.5. Follow guidance from Admins, they are there to ensure as many people have the best experience as possible. 

4.3.1.The primary role of a pilot is to provide logistical support to the infantry on the ground. Examples of logistical support are: transporting people, ammo, fuel, vehicles, …


- Deliberately crashing a Ghosthawk. 

4.5.2. Wasting assets also includes intentionally crashing any vehicle into anything, repeatedly abandoning assets that are still in working order, and intentionally wasting limited vehicle ammo. 


- Calling a admin "autistic"

1.1.2. Trolling in any form will be dealt with swiftly and harshly. 

20:15:52 | (Side) Stanhope: if I'm not mistaken you're a pilot 

20:16:01 | (Side) Stanhope: who is supposed to fly 

20:16:23 | (Side) Nibs: there is enough pilot transporting at moment so i help guys out 20:16:31 | (Side) Nibs: stop being autist 


* Sadly the video that was provided in the ban report is no longer available. 


Your ban appeal was not truthful, in our ban report there is no reverence to 'Gayben', you were not banned for that reason. 

9.5. You must be truthful in your ban appeal if we feel that you are being untruthful or dishonest we will most likely not entertain your appeal or in the case of temporary bans may increase the time that you remain banned. 


In your ban appeal and your messages to me you did not even take the trouble to apologize for your behaviour and actions, the only thing I can read are demands from your side. 

We take time and effort to ensure that the players on our servers have an enjoyable and safe environment. 


As far as I'm concerned the ban appeal remains unsuccessful for now.

You are free to appeal again, but I would advice you to wait atleast untill October 2018.   Replied: Monday at 07:35 PM



So you say i have to remain banned over 2 years cause i called an admin "autistic"? And the report don't say anything about my name, cause admin said that i should change it and i asked him several times why with no answer, only i got kicked out of the server by him and i thought it was cause my name. so the ban appeal was true but it has been so long since it happened so i don't remember all. And why i cant do my ban appeal again now when i know the reasons why i have been banned? over 2 year ban seems "litle" exaggerated to me, taking into account the seriousness of my crime. Also crashing the heli on purpose crime is wrong cause everyone does crash sometimes and i certainly didnt ever crash on purpose to anything.    

Replied: Monday at 10:06 PM




And i'm sorry if my writings seems to be demands from my side, but i only did try to find out that why i had been banned at the first place. I really enjoyed playing in your servers and never did i have trouble w other players except this one time. Replied: Monday at 10:18 PM



After that he stopet responding to me, although he did read my messages..



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Hi Nibs,

As I mentioned in the message I send to you when you reported solex's post you can file a report against him here if you think that what he did was wrong.  


To address some of the points you make:

  • A ban appeal is the place where you share your opinion of what happend/your side of the story.  The community referee, solex, then looks at the evidence/other side of the story we have.  
  • If you want to file another ban appeal you can, nobody is stopping you.  Solex just advised you to wait until a certain time in the future.
  • Your profile picture is your responsibility.  
  • The reason that your ban appeal was denied wasn't solely that you called an admin autistic.  It's because you failed to explain your side of the story (the story of why you were banned, not about your nickname) and apologize when you had the opportunity (your ban appeal).  
  • If you initially weren't sure why you were banned you could have either stated that in your ban appeal or asked an admin either via PM or on TS.
  • Sending personal messages to staff and using the report function of the forum explaining your side of the story will not get you unbanned.  That's what we have ban appeals for.  You can fully explain your side of the story there.
  • Keep in mind that the only way to get unbanned is to file a ban appeal.  Sending private messages to staff and using the report function of the forum will not get you unbanned.

If you have any more questions regarding anything feel free to ask them.

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56 minutes ago, nibs said:

then in what part of the way i had time to tell my side of the story when ban appeal was closed at the first time he looked it?

When you initially made your ban appeal.  Under either the question "Why do you think you were banned?" or the question "Why (in your personal opinion) should your ban be lifted?".

Again if you didn't know why you were banned you could have messaged any admin personally via the forum or jumped on teamspeak to ask any of us.

56 minutes ago, nibs said:

And i bet no other ban appeal from me will remove my ban after i have shoved stick to an ant nest.

There is only one way to determine this.  Nobody is stopping you from actually making a new ban appeal, you've only received advice from an admin.  

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