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[SQUAD] AhoyWorld's first Squad Night test this weekend! (24/02/18)

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AhoyWorld's first Squad Night test this weekend! (24/02/18)


Game: Squad

Server Name: [ENG] EU1 AhoyWorld.net

Map: Chora

Gamemode: Insurgency


Johnson and Mini will be hosting a Squad Night this weekend on Saturday, 24 February, at 16:00 UTC to test how well certain gamemodes and play-styles work out.


The event will take place on the map of Chora; a small, Middle-Eastern basin located in the bottleneck of an Afghan mountain range.Chora1_Minimap_V6.jpeg?version=b0ebce710


The gamemode will be Insurgency: The Insurgent team will be tasked with protecting five ammo caches that are randomly spawned around the map, while the US Army team must find and destroy these objectives using the Squad Leader's incendiary grenade!


However, there will be some custom limitations to this gamemode during this event. This is to ensure that the core gameplay mechanics of the mode are tested:


  • The Insurgent team must super-FOB around a singular, self-selected cache.

  • The Insurgent Squad Leader then must tell the US Army team where their cache is once they are ready to defend it (the US Army team must not leave base until they receive this information).

  • The US Army team can only attack this single cache once told where it is and cannot hunt for more.

  • Should we have enough time and if the US Army manages to destroy this cache, the US Army must return to base and the process will repeat.

  • Should the US Army run out of tickets before a singular cache is destroyed, the Insurgents win.


Your hosts are hoping for about eighteen players in order to fill two squads, one for each team, so join in and help them out!


Hope to see you there!


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There may be other specific rule sets or maybe a change to existing provided on how well this event turns out. However the core principal remains and what you see here is most likely how it will go down.


Do not fret, this is much like a regular game of Squad but with more focus and emphasis on things like Teamwork, Coordination and Tactics. All things we expect when we come to any other Game Night.


Hope to see a good turn out! :) 

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Additionally, this gamemode is actually a lot simpler for new players.


As I've described, it's pretty basic, but even more so for newcomers; all you have to do other than listen to your Squad Leader is suppress and kill!


The two Squad Leaders will have the more refined role of either building a safe and defendable FOB (Mini / Insurgent) or focusing an attack on said FOB and destroying the cache hidden within (Myself / US Army).




As this is so much easier to set up and host compared to Arma it should be an absolute blast! Feel free to bring anyone along who you think might want to join us we're not planning on limiting it to AW members only, I don't see why we should anyway!

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27 minutes ago, SkullCollector said:

Sounds like as good a time as any to break in the combat boots. Just give me a rifle and a shovel and I promise not to be a kid on the playgrounds.

You'll certainly be needing that shovel:

  • If you are assigned to the Insurgent team, you'll be throwing sand into bags and water containers all day whilst building the FOB.
  • If you are assigned to the US Army team, you'll be throwing sand out of these bags in order to infiltrate this same FOB.


Not to mention the whole lot of killing you'll be doing in between. It's gunna be great!

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There may be some people who wish to discuss the gameplay and events so, by all means, feel free to do so on this post. Any advice you have for myself and Minipily will be much appreciated.



The US Team was barely successful in neutralising the enemy cache with less than ten minutes remaining on the clock! Unarguably a great effort all around.


The one and a half hour session was fantastic. No Stress, No Squad.

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Due to the fact that our Squad server had not yet been updated to the latest version of the game and that we had little players, we're cancelling the event.


Apologies on behalf of the modded team - everything will be in place for the next event and hopefully we'll have a fixed schedule for Squad Events in the future (similar to that of Stiletto Friday).

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