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Names to faces


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 Rules are simple, you post a photo of yourself. This way you can imagine throwing darts at someones face better when they kill you in helicopter impact.


I'll start this off. Behind perilous avatar of Nicholas cage.


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@raz - why is the "friend" hiking up her skirt for you 0.o lol @BUSTED!



Oh yea, and here is me holding my youngest a year ago I believe @ some science factory thingy-ma-bob.

Love the pic, you are like "look what i made".

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awesome !

PS your profile pic pretty much resembles my time in the Dutch army :P

A whole lot of "Hurry up and wait" in the Dutch services too? Well, at least it gives us all between branches something to bitch about! Thanks for your service too brother. :D

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Edditing to your post, as not to go off-topic too much: I was with the arty, so all we did was drive our gun into some forest, park it, and wait a few days, after which we would pack-up and drive home, all very exciting !
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