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[Guide] Boats and Submersibles

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If you ever wondered what all the buttons of the Mk. V SOC do, what the speeds, seats, accelerations, etc, of the Mk. V SOC, Speedboat HMG/Minigun, Rhib, Assault-/Rescue-Boat and SDV are, why you should use the SDVs lights at night even though you´ve got NV (believe me, you want to do it!) or if you just want to know wich boat to use or just simply like pictures of boats, then this is the topic you were looking for!:lol:;)

(Also I "highlited" the most important things by making them bold. So if you don´t want to read through everything then these are the few things you should read at least)


Do also note that there is a section called "Additional" on the bottom that contains informations about emergencys at sea, how they are classified and what signals are to use, some basic stuff and what maritime zones exist.



Mk. V SOC (Mark five Special-Operations-Craft)



  • Notes: Obviously a large boat than can transport more than enough people (3x full AWE squads while still having a free seat to be precise), while beeing extremely fast and beeing able to reach nearly every point on the water since it has nearly no draft (<1m). Do also note that the draft decreses to pretty much nothing when you go faster than 40km/h due to Arma being not very advanced when it comes to boats. Also it is equipped with a lot of firepower to get rid of other boats or enemies on the coast and can load Assault Boats and SDVs. Additional to that it offers a lot of benefits at night as I explain in "Lights" and "Crew". Also you can place down and use mortars on the deck! My personal favorite! :)
  • Speed: 78km/h
  • Speed (boosted): 115km/h
  • acceleration (0km/h - 115km/h): 26s - 27s
  • stopping (straight): 100m - 120m, about 8s
  • stopping (curved): 90m - 100m, about 5s, 135degree turn
  • Curve-speed: 40km/h
  • Curve-radius: approx. 90m
  • Curve-speed (boosted): 42km/h
  • Curve-radius (boosted): approx. 60m
  • Gliding (Engine off, 115km/h - 25km/h): approx. 1km
  • Gliding (Engine off, 115km/h - 0km/h): approx. 2km
  • Reverse-speed: 30km/h
  • Reverse-acceleration (0km/h - 30km/h): about 3s
  • Lights:
    • Collision-lights: Starboard(Stb) green, Portside(Port) red, Stern white  (but according to law the "NAV" light also has to be activated. So no this still isn´t all you need to not get the police angry.)




    • Other: All other lights are controlled by the "control panel":




      • "ILLUM": It activates "NAV", "NIGHT", "HORIZ" and "SPOT", when these are on "ON". For safety-reasons it does not affect "DIVE", "DISPLAYS", "ENG SYS", "INSTR" and the "Collision Lights".
        • "NAV": Activates a white light that shines on and in front of the bow and is good for driving in safe areas like friendly ports. Also it is part of the needed lights on an engine-powered boat)


        • "NIGHT": Activates red lights inside the cockpit and on deck. Is good for driving in firendly waters/when out of danger. (Red light is used instead of white light because it is easier for the eyes to accomodate when switching between looking in the dark and looking in the red light than it would be if the light would be white.)




        • "HORIZ": Activates a white light on Deck. Can be very usefull for loading.




        • "SPOT": Activates a white spotting-light that can be moved around by the technican (right click -> move mouse). It can turn up to 145degrees to each side.



      • "DIVE": Activates (yellow) dive-beacons wich should be used when divers are in use below or around the boat to keep them safe from other boats.




      • "INSTR": Lights/activates the compass.

      • "ENG SYS": Activates a few lights like the rudder-angle. But since this isn´t really needed, except for when you are driving with Joystick or wheel, it is pretty much pure cometic aswell.

      • "DISP": Activates a NV-display in front of the driver wich will be your best friend when driving at night since it hasn´t got any of the ACE-NV-effects and is way higher than the driver. This means that while driving at night you should nearly only be looking on this one because you`ll otherwise have a really hard time seeing anything without lights. Also it activates a TI-display in front of the commander wich shows the same view he would have with his camera. This can also be pretty nice for driving at night when the commander turns his camera towards the driving direction.


        Do also note the display on the very left wich shows you the Deck. Right of this one is the TI-display, next to it a pure cosmetic one and to the very right the NV-display.20180314124142_1.thumb.jpg.0470a34266430fa591b39d1e5095e548.jpg


        But for beeing able to read the instruments you´ll have to switch to your own NVGs from time to time or use the NIGHT-lights:



  • Maximum people on board: 41 - 43

    • Crew: 7

      • Cockpit-crew: 3

        • Driver: Does the driving, the loading and controls the lights. Got a NV display in front of him that shows him the bow and what´s in front and a compass. Other than that he also has got RPM (left of the NV-display), the rudder-position (displayed by the joystick aswell as by the displays directly behind it), wether you are accelerating or braking (displayed by the joystick aswell as the displays directly behind it) and how fast you are (displayed by the numbers on the joystick where each increment indicates a difference of about 10km/h. So 115km/h is about at 12.




        • Commander: In command of the boat. Can use a camera with NV and Vis modes. This one also should have a laser wich seems not to be working. Got a TI display that is connected to the camera in front of him and a compass aswell.

        • Technican: Can use the spotting-light and can read all the instruments except for the compass aswell.

      • Deck-crew: 4 (wouldn´t be able to stand on deck while driving at high speeds IRL)

        • (Stb) M2 (12.7x99mm Ball): 6x100rnd, no ranging

        • (Port) M2 (12.7x99mm Ball): 6x100rnd, no ranging

        • (Stb) Mk19 (40mm): 2x96rnd, no ranging

        • (Port) M134 (Minigun): 2x2000rnd, no ranging

    • Passanger: 26, all can´t use weapons. (to be realistic maximum 14x because everyone who isn´t in a shock-proof-seat would just be crushed...these boats can generate up to 20G! So good luck standing on deck then...)

      • Cockpit: 14x

      • Sides: 4x

      • Bow: 2x

      • Deck: 4x

      • Stern/Ramp: 2x

    • loadable: 8x - 10x (as above this wouldn´t be possible at high speeds without beeing crushed by wave-impacts)

      • 2x SDV: 2x4 = 8, all can´t use their weapons.

      • 1x SDV + 1x Assault Boat: 1x4 + 1x5 = 9, Assault Boat-passangers can use their weapons.

      • 2x Assault Boat: 2x5 = 10, all can use their weapons.

  • Cargo/loading:

    • Cargo: 4 Ace-cargo-spaces

    • loading: The MK. V SOC offers the option to load SDVs or Assault Boats on its deck and ramp. This can be done by the driver by opening the  "vehicle loading menu", clicking on the Boat/SDV you want to load, then clicking on the place you want to load it on (if you want to load multiple SDVs or Assault Boats always load on the deck first!) and then clicking on "Load Boat".



    • unloading: To unload SDVs or Assault Boats open the "vehicle loading menu", click on "Switch to unload mode", click on the boat you want to unload (if you loaded multiple SDVs or Assault Boats you will have to unload the one on the ramp first!) and then click "Unload Boat". Don´t do this in very shallow waters since it could lead to exploding everything. Also I would recommend to unload while driving (around 20km/h) to prevent SDVs or Assault Boats from getting stuck on the ramp. Another problem might be unloading SDVs from the deck since it seems that it was never intended to load one on there (but unloading them from the ramp works fine).



    • Mortars: As crazy as it sounds (and is) it is possible to place down and use mortars on the deck! But there are a few things to consider:


      • setting it up: Place down mortars only when the boat is standing still because otherwise either the boat kills you, you fall off or the mortar isn´t placed where you wanted it to be!
      • using it: It is possible to stay on the mortar while the boat is moving but I wouldn`t recommend this since it is very unsafe. Also you can just place down the mortar, leave it, drive around and then re-enter and use it but this also can be unsafe and lead to the mortar going overboard. Also it is worth noting that for re-entering the mortar or picking it up again you have to lay down and look a bit over the mortar to get the scrollwheel-action, as shown in the picture below:


      • Reloading: Do note that you can only reload them when the water-depth is less than 3m. This obviously limits its use to shallow waters but for example on Tembelan you can find a ton of possible locations that aren`t very close to the shore while fullfilling that criteria. Another option would of course be to just place down for example 10 loaded(!) mortars on the deck and then drive off and use them wherever you want.
      • Mortar-recommendation: Due to these circumstances I would also recommend doing this with the BAF M16 Mortar and to pack a few spare-ones in case one goes overboard.



Speedboat Minigun/HMG20180218175435_1.thumb.jpg.039d45b355b3bdb3ba198e8607092452.jpg


  • Notes: Good speed with weapons and the potential to transport a lot of people! Still this one is outclassed on everything by the MK. V SOC except for one thing that makes this one valuable: The MK. V SOC is too big for pretty much any bridge. This means that on Tembelan for example there is a 700m river-area that just can´t be reached with it and an additional river-area of about 1.5km that can be reached by the MK. V SOC but only by going around the entire map. But except for these very rare spots and if you are just very short on players there is no real reason not to pick the MK. V SOC above this one if you can get it. Also I would always use these at night over other boats when the MK. V SOC is unavailable (I`ll explain in "Crew" why).
  • Speed: 64km/h
  • Speed (boosted): 75km/h
  • acceleration (0km/h - 75km/h): about 8s
  • stopping (straight): 40m - 50m, about 8s
  • stopping (curved): 25m - 35m, 135degree turn, about 7s
  • Curve-speed: 40km/h
  • Curve-radius: approx. 20m
  • Curve-speed (boosted): 42km/h
  • Curve-radius (boosted): approx 20m
  • Gliding (Engine off, 75km/h - 25km/h): 50m
  • Gliding (Engine off, 75km/h - 0km/h): about 200m
  • Reverse-speed: 25km/h
  • Reverse-acceleration (0km/h - 25km/h): about 10s
  • Lights:
    • Front light: A white light that shines on and in front of the bow and is good for driving in safe areas like friendly ports. And as before this has to be activated together with the collision lights. (But still does not fulfill the ruled criteria as the angle is too small)


    • Collision lights: Activates Starboard(Stb) green, Portside(Port) red (but even with the front-light active it is still illegal to drive because it is missing the white 135degree light to the back)



  • Maximum people on board: 11

    • Crew: 3

      • Driver: Drives the boat. Has got an NV-display infront of him without the ACE-NV-effects wich makes this one the top tier at night if the MK. V SOC isn´t available since this display will be your best friend when driving this boat at night! Also has got a display for speed, RPM and fuel and 2x 360degree smoke-screen.




        At night:


      • Commander: Has got a MK19 (40mm HE) 200rnd cannon that offers auto-zeroing or manual zeroing from 100m - 1200m, Vis-, NV- and TI- mode and zoom. Also he has got a Vis- and a TI-display in front of him.




      • Rear gun: Either M134 (7.62mm Minigun) with 2000rnd or XMG 12 (12.7mm) with 3x200rnd, Vis- NV- and various TI-modes as well as zoom. (I would prefer the M134 version for its supression-power since it is mostly impossible to lay down accurate fire from a boat if it is moving or waves are present wich renders the HMG often useless.)

    • Passangers: 8x, all can´t use their weapons.

  • Cargo: 8 Ace-cargo-spaces



Rhib (Rigid-hulled inflatable boat)




  • Notes: A black (Indipendent/Syndicate) or ugly blue/white (Civillian) Rhib with very good speed. The only way to use these ones is again if you want to go in the before mentioned Areas but faster than with the Speedboat, if you don´t expect contacts on the way and if you don´t mind not having a NV-display at night or if you are extremely short on players.
  • Speed: 77km/h
  • Speed (boosted): 90km/h
  • acceleration (0km/h - 90km/h): about 27s
  • stopping (straight): 70m - 80m, about 8s
  • stopping (curved): 40m - 50m, 180degree turn, about 5s
  • Curve-speed: 30km/h
  • Curve-radius: approx. 25m
  • Curve-speed (boosted): 33km/h
  • Curve-radius (boosted): approx 25m
  • Gliding (Engine off, 90km/h - 25km/h): about 480m
  • Gliding (Engine off, 90km/h - 0km/h): about 1km
  • Reverse-speed: 22km/h
  • Reverse-acceleration (0km/h - 22km/h): about 3s
  • Lights: none (wich is completely illegal). So better have a Torch or Handflare on you in case a MK. V SOC comes across at night...and someone you can put the blame on in case the police comes across. It can still be used in case of an emergency when there always is a white torch or lantern ready to use.
  • Maximum people on Board: 8
    • Crew: 1
      • Driver: Drives the boat. Has a compass in front of him and instuments for speed, RPM and fuel



    • Passangers: 7, all can use their weapons.
  • Cargo: 4 Ace-cargo-spaces



Assault Boat / Rescue Boat20180218172205_1.thumb.jpg.47738e9f2254e9c4d8ad596bc12b7e68.jpg



  • Notes: A small black Assault Boat for stealthy landings on beaches or a orange Rescue boat for saving lives. Because of the maximum reachable distance and the low speed nearly the only way to really use these is together with an MK. V SOC as "mothership" that dispatches them to land on a beach without a lot of noise, to pick up people in the need of help without endangering them with the huge hull of the Mk. V SOC or to have more boats for search and rescue (more on the topic of emergencies at sea can be found further down below).
  • Speed: 25km/h
  • Speed (boosted): 29km/h
  • acceleration (0km/h - 29km/h): about 3s
  • stopping (straight): 5m - 10m, about 2s
  • stopping (curved): 5m - 10m, about 2s, 20degrees turn
  • Curve-speed: 25km/h
  • Curve-radius: approx. 30m
  • Curve-speed (boosted): 29km/h
  • Curve-radius (boosted): approx 30m
  • Gliding (Engine off, 29km/h - 0km/h): about 60m
  • Reverse-speed: 20km/h
  • Reverse-acceleration (0km/h - 20km/h): about 3s
  • Lights: none (wich is completely illegal as well because yes this boat is below 7m BUT it is faster than 7kn) So better have a torch or handflare on you in case a MK. V SOC comes across at night. It can still be used in case of an emergency when there always is a white torch or lantern ready to use.
  • Maximum people on Board: 5
    • Crew: 1
      • Driver: Drives the boat and has got no instruments whatsoever.



    • Passangers: 4, all can use their weapons.
  • Cargo: No Ace-cargo-spaces but can be "pushed" in case it was beached!



Motorboat / Motorboat (Police) / Motorboat (Rescue)20180306182931_1.thumb.jpg.4423d5d09bfcfdbbb569b0ed14cb5a0a.jpg20180306185947_1.thumb.jpg.c16e60f5029bfa768d179e5cae3ff700.jpg


  • Notes: A blue/white police-boat for law enforcement, a very orange rescue-boat to save lifes or an ugly civillian one for whatever you want to do with it. If you want to be faster than with an assault-boat/rescue-boat but not as fast as you would be with a Rhib...for whatever reason. But I guess it does the job aswell.
  • Speed: 50km/h
  • Speed (boosted): 69km/h
  • acceleration (0km/h - 29km/h): about 8s
  • stopping (straight): 50m, about 8s
  • stopping (curved): 40m - 50m, about 8s, 110degrees turn
  • Curve-speed: 35km/h
  • Curve-radius: approx. 15m
  • Curve-speed (boosted): 38km/h
  • Curve-radius (boosted): approx 15m
  • Gliding (Engine off, 69km/h - 0km/h): about 130m
  • Reverse-speed: 23km/h
  • Reverse-acceleration (0km/h - 23km/h): about 11s
  • Lights: The police-boat has got beacons but the other ones haven´t got any lights...wich is quiet funny becaus they also need to have the needed 4 lights: white 135 degree light to the back, red 112.5 degree on Port, green 112.5 degree on Stb and white 225 degree to the front. So better have a torch or handflare on you in case a MK. V SOC comes across at night. It can still be used in case of an emergency when there always is a white torch or lantern ready to use.



  • Maximum people on Board: 3
    • Crew: 1
      • Driver: Drives the boat, has got instruments for velocity, RPM and fuel in front of him.



    • Passangers: 2, all can`t use their weapons. (For rescue and Law-enforcement-purposes I would always let one seet free for potential people in the need of help or people to arrest)
  • Cargo: 4 Ace-cargo-spaces and can be "pushed" in case it was beached!



SDV (Seal Delivery Vehicle)



  • Notes: The Seal Delivery Vehicle. More Stealth is not possbile. Definitly a great thing but most likely only usable with an MK. V SOC because of the very short maximum distance and the extremely low speed. But even with its weaknesses that thing is just great!
  • Speed (surfaced): 23km/h
  • Speed (underwater): 18km/h
  • acceleration (surfaced, 0km/h - 23km/h): about 5s
  • acceleration (underwater, 0km/h - 18km/h): about 3s
  • stopping (surfaced, straight): 10m - 15m, about 2s
  • stopping (underwater, straight): 5m - 10m, about 1s
  • stopping (surfaced, curved): 10m - 15m, about 2s, 45degrees turn
  • stopping (underwater, curved): 5m - 10m, about 1s, 45degrees turn
  • Speed (ascending): 2m/s
  • Speed (descending): 1.2m/s
  • Curve-speed (surfaced): 21km/h
  • Curve-speed (underwater): 18km/h 
  • Curve-radius (surfaced): approx. 20m
  • Curve-radius (underwater): approx. 20m - 30m
  • Gliding (surfaced, Engine off, 23km/h - 0km/h): about 90m - 100m
  • Gliding (underwater, Engine off, 18km/h - 0km/h): about 40m - 50m
  • Reverse-speed (surfaced): 20km/h
  • Reverse-speed (underwater): 15km/h
  • Reverse-acceleration (surfaced, 0km/h - 20km/h): about 9s
  • Reverse-acceleration (underwater, 0km/h - 15km/h): about 5s
  • Lights: White-front-lights. These ones are nice in case you are in an emergency and want to be found when surfaced or when you are driving that thing at night because NVGs alone are nearly useless (but more about this when I talk about the driver). Also even though it gives the option to activate the "Collision lights" but there are none.
  • Maximum people on Board: 4
    • Crew: 2
      • Driver: Drives the SDV. He has got a compass, instuments for vertical speed, RPM, depth and fuel, an attitude indicator and a Vis-mode display in front of him. By right-clicking the display goes on full-screen and you can access NV-mode aswell. But this one isn´t really effective on its own and should be used together with the front lights as long as the situation allows it. If it is not possible anymore he definitly needs someone to navigate or the SDV has to be abandoned since he is then nearly blind. Also he has the option to "Maintain periscope depth". Do note that this will NOT bring the SDV to periscope depth (around -1m) but insted it will just try to hold it´s current depth but this seems to be not working properly. Can close the hatches for better protection or open them for better view.


        Example for why you should drive with lights:

        NV-mode without lights on:



        NV-mode with lights on (without the lights I would most likely haven´t spotted that wreck, would´ve chrashed in it and because of this maybe ended the mission before it would´ve actually started):20180314133554_1.thumb.jpg.573ff355217d2d17e1198f71a6b0f965.jpg


      • Gunner: Has got a compass and the vertical-speed aswell. Also got a Vis-display infront of him that shows him what he can see with the periscope. By right-clicking he can acces the periscope, move it around, use the laser-designator and switch between Vis-, NV- and TI-mode. For having the periscope above the water the SDV has to be at >-1m. Can close the hatches for better protection or open them for better view.
    • Passangers: 2, can´t use their weapons, can close the hatches for better protection or open them for better view.
  • Cargo: No Ace-cargo-spaces but can be "pushed" in case it was beached!





  • Emergencys at sea:
    • Safety: The safety of shipping is affected.
      • Example: You spotted an unmarked wreck.
      • Category: all ships call
      • Priority: safety
      • Radio: "Securite, securite, securite, all stations, all stations, all stations, this is <your shipname/callsign> <description of the safety-issue>. Over."
    • Urgency: The safety of the ship or of persons is at risk.
      • Example: Your ship is endangered to sink but in very shallow waters/very close to the shore.
      • Category: all ships call
      • Priority: Urgency
      • Radio: "Pan pan, pan pan, pan pan, all station, all stations, all stations, this is <your shipname/callsign> <description of the urgency>. Over."
    • Mayday: The safety of the ship and of persons is at risk.
      • Example: Your ship is on fire and you are offshore.
      • Category: all ships call
      • Priority: Distress
      • Radio: "Mayday, this is <your shipname/callsign> <kind of emergency and requested help>. We require immediate assistance! Over."
        • Do note that after this call no one except the control center and stations that are asked by the control center are allowed to use the radio at all until the control center declares the emergency as dealt with!
      • Other Signals (the bold ones can be used in Arma aswell): red Handflare, red Flare, red or orange smoke, constantly using the Horn, SOS signal (3x short, 3x long, 3x short), flag November above flag Charlie, waving with arms, gun fired at one minute intervalls, a square flag with a ball above or below it (or at least anything that could be interpreted as ball), emergency beacons
  • Equipment when driving boats: compass, map, map-tools, binoculars, toolkit, handflares, flares, red or orange smoke, radio, FAK, watch
  • basic stuff to know:
    • "Sides" of a boat:
      • Bow = front of the ship
      • Stern = back of the ship
      • Port = the left side of the ship (when facing the bow)
      • Starboard = the right side of the ship (when facing the bow)
    • nautical length / speed:
      • 1NM (NM = nautical mile) = 1.85km <=> 1km = 0.54NM
      • 1kn (kn = knots <=> NM/h) = 0.51m/s = 1.85km/h <=> 1km/h = 0.28m/s = 0.54kn <=> 1m/s = 1.94kn = 3.6km/h
  • Wind-speeds/Beaufort:
    • The Beaufort-scale is the most common scale to classify wind. In Arma it can be seen together with the wind-direction by clicking "Shift" + "K" (the arrow shows the wind-direction and the dots the wind in Beaufort)
      • 0 Beaufort: 0kn = 0m/s < Windspeed < 1kn = 0.51m/s
      • 1 Beaufort: 1kn = 0.51m/s < Windspeed < 4kn = 2.06m/s
      • 2 Beaufort: 4kn = 2.06m/s < Windspeed < 7kn = 3.6m/s
      • 3 Beaufort: 7kn = 3.6m/s < Windspeed < 11kn = 5.66m/s
      • 4 Beaufort: 11kn = 5.66m/s < Windspeed < 16kn = 8.23m/s
      • 5 Beaufort: 16kn = 8.23m/s <Windspeed < 22kn = 11.32m/s
      • 6 Beaufort:  22kn = 11.32m/s < Windspeed < 28kn = 14.4m/s
      • 7 Beaufort:  28kn = 14.4m/s < Windspeed < 34kn = 17.49m/s
      • 8 Beaufort: 34kn = 17.49m/s < Windspeed < 41kn = 21.09m/s
      • 9 Beaufort: 41kn = 21.09m/s < Windspeed < 48kn = 24.69m/s
      • 10 Beaufort: 48kn = 24.69m/s < Windspeed < 56kn = 28.81m/s
      • 11 Beaufort: 56kn = 28.81m/s < Windspeed < 64kn = 32.92m/s
      • 12 Beaufort: 64kn = 32.92m/s < Windspeed < 72kn = 36.89m/s
  • needed lights:
    • engine-powered:
      • 1x white stern, 135 degree
      • 1x green Stb, 112.5 degree (either at the side or on the bow as 2-color lantern)
      • 1x red Port, 112.5 degree (either at the side or on the bow as 2-color lantern)
      • 1x white top, 225 degree
    • enigne-powered below 12m:
      • 1x white top, 360 degree
      • 1x green Stb, 112.5 degree (either at the side or on the bow as 2-color lantern)
      • 1x red Port, 112.5 degree (either at the side or on the bow as 2-color lantern)
    • engine-powered below 7m and slower than 7kn:
      • 1x white, 360 degree
      • 1x green Stb, 112.5 degree (if possible)
      • 1x red Port, 112.5 degree (if possible)
    • enigne-powerd below 7m and can´t use any lights (because of the boat-design for example):
      • 1x white torch or 1x white lantern ready to use (do note that within darkness it is only allowed to use these boats in case of an emergency!)
    • sail-powered / rowing-powered (can be used):
      • 1x white stern, 135 degree
      • 1x green Stb, 112.5 degree
      • 1x red Port, 112.5 degree
        • if these ones aren´t on the top of the mast it is also allowed to use (additional) a 360 degree green light below a 360 degree red light on the top of the mast
        • if an engine is used additional at night the rules of engine-powered boats apply. At day there has to be a black cone with it´s top down.
    • sail-powered below 7m / rowing-powered:
      • 1x white torch or 1x white lantern ready to use
    • anchoring:
      • 1x white, 360 degree
      • 1x black ball (at day)
    • unmanagable boats:
      • 2x red, 360 degree above each other
      • 1x white stern, 135 degree (if still driving)
      • 1x green Stb, 112.5 degree (either at the side or on the bow as 2-color lantern) (if still driving)
      • 1x red Port, 112.5 degree (either at the side or on the bow as 2-color lantern) (if still driving)
      • 2x black ball above each other (at day)
    • beached boats
      • 2x red, 360 degree above each other
      • 1x white, 360 degree
      • 3x black ball above each other (at day)
  • maritime zones: (references: http://bit.ly/2Fx6PWw, http://bit.ly/2FiDADv)
    • shore - baseline (=mean low watermark): Internal water, national jurisdiction
    • baseline - 12NM: Territorial waters, national jurisdiction
    • 12NM - 24NM: Contiguous zone, restrictied national jurisdiction
    • baseline - 200NM: Exclusive Economic zone, restrictied national jurisdiction
    • behind 12NM / outside Territoral waters: International waters, international jurisdiction



Yeah so that´s it I guess. And yes I know that we also can use the Water Scooters but since these ones are for nothing more than doing stupid stuff I wont cover them in this guide.



Best regards

Noah :)

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I just found out that it is possible to use the Mk. V SOC as indirect-fire-support by using mortars from the deck and therefore updated this in the guide at Mk. V SOC -> Cargo/loading -> mortars (No it isn´t just place and shoot like on land because there are some requierements for beeing able to load it, etc).:)


And is it possible to move this in the "Guides"-section? Because I couldn´t create this post in there. Thanks for moving it!:)

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I now also updated the post with the "Motorboat", "Motorboat (Police)" and "Motorboat (Rescue)" since the last two ones would at least offer a usefull roleplay-aspect.

Overall I added/improved together with this:

  • Mk. V SOC: added a picture of the cockpit at day
  • Speedboat: added a picture of the commander-monitors
  • Rhib: replaced the picture of the view that the driver has
  • Assault boat: added a picture of the rescue-boat, improved the description, added a picture of the view that the driver has
  • Motorboat / Motorboat (Police) / Motorboat (Rescue): added the whole part
  • Additional: added "basic stuff to know" and "maritime zones"
  • General: improved some texts.


As long as there wont come any new boats I now consider this guide as finished (except for minor textual-improvements maybe) even though I haven´t done anything about the Water-scooters. But that shouldn´t be a problem since these things aren´t considered as actual boats by law so they have no right to be in this guide! ;)

If anyone has got any questions, other opinions, remarks or anything else to say, feel free to message me, comment, whatsoever. :)




  • updated pictures
  • general improvements on some texts
  • Additional and in the different boat-section: added information about what lights are to carry for wich boats



  • further improvements on some texts

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