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[Guide] Boats and Submersibles


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I just found out that it is possible to use the Mk. V SOC as indirect-fire-support by using mortars from the deck and therefore updated this in the guide at Mk. V SOC -> Cargo/loading -> mortars (No it isn´t just place and shoot like on land because there are some requierements for beeing able to load it, etc).:)

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I now also updated the post with the "Motorboat", "Motorboat (Police)" and "Motorboat (Rescue)" since the last two ones would at least offer a usefull roleplay-aspect.

Overall I added/improved together with this:

  • Mk. V SOC: added a picture of the cockpit at day
  • Speedboat: added a picture of the commander-monitors
  • Rhib: replaced the picture of the view that the driver has
  • Assault boat: added a picture of the rescue-boat, improved the description, added a picture of the view that the driver has
  • Motorboat / Motorboat (Police) / Motorboat (Rescue): added the whole part
  • Additional: added "basic stuff to know" and "maritime zones"
  • General: improved some texts.


As long as there wont come any new boats I now consider this guide as finished (except for minor textual-improvements maybe) even though I haven´t done anything about the Water-scooters. But that shouldn´t be a problem since these things aren´t considered as actual boats by law so they have no right to be in this guide! ;)

If anyone has got any questions, other opinions, remarks or anything else to say, feel free to message me, comment, whatsoever. :)




  • updated pictures
  • general improvements on some texts
  • Additional and in the different boat-section: added information about what lights are to carry for wich boats



  • further improvements on some texts



  • further improvements on some texts
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