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Squad rules


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Upon connecting to our server, you are agreeing to abide by the rules set forth by Ahoyworld. Failure to do so may result in a kick or ban.


1. Racism/hate-speech will NOT be tolerated.


2. No locked squads under 6 players  (Armour, Heli and Logi are the exceptions).


3. Respect fellow patrons.


4. No camping/griefing the enemies main base.


5. Squad Leaders MUST have a mic and communicate in English.


6. If you create a Squad without the intention of playing the role you may be kicked or banned.


7. Do NOT teamkill. If you do apologize immediately. Multiple teamkills (intentional or not) will result in a kick or ban.


8. Do NOT META GAME. Example giving the location of players/FOBs/Radios and vehicle locations to the opposite team.


9. No ONE (1) man crewing armored assets.


10. General rules of AHOYWORLD are to be followed. 



- Only fight over centre objective
- Do not build FOB assets on the centre objective
- Do not camp or destroy the enemy's FOB/HAB

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