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Communication Without Radios

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How do you communicate with say, a vortex element when radio's are being jammed?

If I where ASL, I'd set up per-defined smoke colours, expecting vortex to see any use of red smoke as a authorization to strike, green being friendly

but how do you communicate more complicated messages, say for example reinserts?


I'm looking for a solution that doesn't involve steam/text messages, because you shouldn't text and fly :D (at least twice I have closed my text message window to see a mountain 2ft in front of me)

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I say we see how well the next update works with the FIR designation tablets (cant remember the name) If these work well it maybe a good way for the ASL/TL to communicate things to the pilots without radios, but i do think the smoke is a good idea. 


I think i know when you are referencing, yesterday, When i was attempting to call you in i was actually medic but the only one in a position to actually communicate with you. that made it more difficult, but I do think that in that situation having colours defined would have been useful. 

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