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Moving on, thank you.

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Finally finding time to sit down and write this.

So, I've been thinking for a while now and I'm going to be leaving the staff team this Saturday the 17th. I've already discussed this with the team and I reckon they'll do just fine without my brilliance, so I'll leave you all in their very capable hands.

It's not a decision I've come to lightly, but in all honesty, I'm finding it rather frustrating. Ryko said it best himself - "Only do something in your free time until it isn't fun anymore" and frankly, it isn't fun anymore.

I expect to still be around on the server from time to time, but I think part of this will come with a temporary break from Arma (expect to see me in Squad if I've got some time, though!) and from the community here.

Now, for some shoutouts before I lose my staff impunity :D

Bare in mind that these are totally my own personal opinion and don't reflect on the rest of the team at all.

@Minipily & Crew (can't remember the others' forum names)

You lot have been a big source of frustration for me at times, but then on the flipside, provided some of the most fun I've had on this server since I joined it - and for me, that totally outweighs it. You and Johnson in particular have been some of the most knowledgeable, down to earth and helpful people I've met in this community, despite all of the hate that gets thrown your way.


You're a pain in the arse, but see above. 

@Noah_Hero, @Amentes, @Ryko & @Stanhope

Some of my mentors when I joined the server at first. I learned a lot from the three of you, so thank you for that. I know we've all gotten frustrated with each other at times for various reasons but I'd like to think in the end we're all better off for having learned from each other.


The MSO on Lythium was some of the most fun I've had playing Arma in a long time. I didn't think I'd ever be able to be entertained by walking in the woods for hours on end and being frightened by every rabbit or snake I see moving, but here we are.


I could go on for days here, but I think it's time to stop and just get it over with.

Thanks folks, it's been fun. 

See you out there


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Thank you for your kind words.


I understand we're a bunch and may annoy some people, but you can't win them all I suppose. At the end of the day, we do want to see the best out of the community and are always on board to try and help.


Thanks for your work.

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13 hours ago, BloodInTheSand said:


@Noah_Hero, @Amentes, @Ryko & @Stanhope

...I learned a lot from the three of you, so thank you for that.

Hmm, who is the one that is just random in that list:huh::lol:


But feels bad that you are leaving the staff team:( I always had good gameplay together with you and hope to see you around in Squad or Arma in the future!:)

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