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denied [FEATURE] Civilian following

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Any chance there could be a dialog option for (specifically injured) civilians to join your group, temporarily?


The dialog could simple be something like "Follow me." or "Come with me." , and if they are injured they will join your group so you may command them to move wherever needed.


This way, there is no need to tie up random civilians in order to medically treat them or get them to safety. When you are done, there could simply be a "Stay safe." or "It's time to go." option to remove them from the group.


I know you can move civilians by telling them to "Go away" and stuff, but this makes things much easier and kinda more realistic I suppose.



Let me know what you think.

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Not really a mod request, but since its already here we will respond to it in this, future requests like this should go into the feedback thread.
Denied because it would see limited use, and the ai following mechanic, as well as the whole changing squads system as a whole is pretty unreliable, and would require a lot of effort to get to a working state.
-Steering Committee

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