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Community meeting 16/02/18


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Community meeting

Date: 16/02/18

Time: 20:00 UTC


We are going to host a community meeting to discuss the direction that ahoyworld is moving and recent changes that have been made. We have also made a new template that all community meetings will follow from th is point on. This is thanks to the community feedback that we have had in the past and we feel it should offer a more structured meeting experience. With the new structure we have split the meeting into 3 separate sections to ensure that everything is discussed in a orderly manner.


Below are the general topics that will be discussed within the meeting along with a form to allow you all to ask any questions. With the new structure we are going to discuss all the topics before answering any questions as we may answer them as we disclose more information and answer your questions as we go.


Community information(Section 1):


  • Staff changes

    • Corestaff

    • Events manager

  • Other games

    • Squad

    • What does the community want to see?


EU1/ EU2 information (Section 2):


  • VCOM

    • Results from tests

  • I&A developments

    • Mission development roles open

  • Upcoming events

  • Spartans

  • Moderator applications

AWE information (Section 3)

  • Nothing for this meeting.
  • Open for questions that will be answered at the end of the meeting.


Questions that are submitted to this form will be answered on the night:


Ask questions here.


Thanks Ahoyworld staff

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