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VCOM Trial on #EU1/#EU2

AhoyWorld Outreach

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VCOM is currently live on the I&A servers. The Public Moderation Team is closely observing the mod on the server to gather an idea of the performance and stability impacts it may have on our servers.




Vcom is a serverside mod that aims to improve the vanilla AI combat abilities. It attempts to create a more dynamic and challenging environment compared the traditional AI battles in Arma 3. Vcom impacts a variety of skills that the AI carries and enhances these to create a more dynamic and challenging experience.


Features Include:


- Increased AI accuracy and Player Suppression


- Enhancement of AI communication


- AI use cover more extensively


- AI avoid areas of heavy fire and that their buddies have fallen in


- Improved Flanking


- Enhanced AI Suppresion


- Increased Weapon Utilization


- AI use of Mines and Explosives


-  Improved Garrisoning


-  Improved Formations




You do not need to install any additional mods or addons to gain the benefits of Vcom. It is a serverside mod therefore seperate mod installation is not needed by users. You can connect and play as you normally would.



We hope you can give us as much feedback as possible with the introduction of Vcom, as our end goal ultimately is to enhance the enjoyment and gameplay for our community. We feel the Vcom mod does this as it offers a more dynamic experience than what the AI can offer in Vanilla Arma.



We hope you take this change on board and all feedback is appreciated,

- Ahoyworld Outreach


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