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In-game name when banned: Kujjin

What message displays when you attempt to connect? (No recruiting / perm / Lindl)

Why do you think you were banned? I think I was banned because staff "saw" me "recruiting" people into a "clan". I did post a link for a Steamgroup, which staff saw as an act of Recruitment

Why (in your personal opinion) should your ban be lifted? In my opinion, I think the ban should be lifted since I didn't intend nor (out of my point of view) recruited players of the AhoyWorld server to a clan or Community. I was inviting them into a steamgroup as an extension of our ingame Squad, so we can play better together on the server. And as I said to the people, it is not a clan, nor a community for Ahoyworldextern public servers. We simply wanted to coordinate our squad better together. If this still is beeing seen as an act of Recruitment, than I am deeply sorry and promise that I will never do it again.

Which administrator banned you (if known): Lindl

When were you banned: 05.02.2018 Around 19:15

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Hello, Kujjin,


Thank you for the appeal to your ban.

You have been banned by Lindi because you were recruiting other players on the EU#1 server.


the rules of ahoyworld are clear about recruiting players for other communities. 

1.1.7. Recruiting, or activity deemed to be considered recruiting is not permitted regardless of community size or membership status.


I have visited the 3rd FRT Fast Respond Team Discord channel and steamgroup

What I did notice is the post about Mod's you need for Zeus missions. On the list are mods that are not being used on EU#1.

That does implicate that the group is working on a community/server outside of Ahoyworld.


- Can you please clarify the goal of the 3rd. FRT.

- Can you please clarify the reason why people need mods for Zeus missions in this group.


Thank you in advance.





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Hello Solex,


thank you very much for your respond.


The 3FRT is a group, playing on your Arma 3 Invade & Annex server as a coordinate Squad. This is and will be our main goal. 


The mods required for Zeus are more of a side thing, where we played, once or twice on the weekend since the foundation of the group, on a private Zeus server.  The group does not work with or on other public servers/community.



Thank you for your time




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Thank you for the response to my questions.


We do not allow recruitment on our servers, this to keep the players safe from abusive I.P. addresses or malicious websites. Also we are proud of our player base and would like to keep them on our servers. 


The recruitment seems to be for the EU#1 server only, but the Discord server and the required ZEUS ad dons on the Steamgroup gives rise to my doubt. 
In your defense the 3rd Fast Response Team seems to be active only on the AhoyWorld servers, the group is behaving and coordinating well with other players on EU#1. You have come to teamspeak to talk to administrators immediately and were friendly, open and honest about the situation.


I am willing to unban you, but if you recruit again it will lead into a permanent ban. Also this is a warning to the whole 3rd Fast Response Team, we do not allow any recruitment on our servers, in game, websites, teamspeak and forum. When this behaviour continues I will ban the group from AhoyWorld. You are off course free to ask any player on the server to play with you (3rd.FRT) and add them to the in game group with the user interface. We like coordinated teamplay and you guys have shown it a lot lately.


Kujjin's ban has been lifted.


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