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Vip Transport Mission

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1.     Vip Transport Mission

2.    A way to gain intel by transporting a VIP from town to town. Meeting the Eldar of the town.


4.     A man is at the base, if you talk talk to him he asks you to bring him and his interpretor to a town to meet the Eldar of the town.

       The mission an optional transportation mission of a Politican/Diplomat to gains the hearts and minds of the people.

       after the meeting you can transport him to a new town and repete.    


      part 1 of the mission is to find the Eldar, prefrably in a mansion,  church or moske.

      part 2 is bringing the vip and interprator to the eldar, 





im thinking about this as an opptional mission, mayby it does not create a map marker but you need to talk to the VIP to get the name of the town he wants to travel to.


i altso imagine he shud not respawn, as a new Diplomat whud not trust a taskforce that lost one of his friends.

making the life of the Diplomat valuable.







sudo code for outcome of the meeting.


 switch Random 4 :
 case  1  :      //Ambush!
            switch random 2:    
            case 1    start defend misson on town
            case 2    spawn in move civ and make town Hostile.

 case 2 3          // town needs a favor. reward 5 intel town is now friendly or neutral 
            switch random 5:
             case 1:    need medicine
             case 2:    need mine removal
             case 3:    need construction equiptment(logi crate)
             case 4 5: remove closest spawn camp.

 case 4:        //meeting successfull reward 6 intel town is now friendly
            switch random 3:
            case 1:    100% extra intel
            case 2:    50% extra intel
            case 3:   25% extra intel


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It's an interesting mission and I'll put some think into it. Doesn't mean it's going to make it in, as arma can be fickle and sometimes the simplest things can make a mission screw up royally.


In the future, please put requests like this into the Stiletto feedback thread.

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