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[SUGGESTION]: Group system

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I think the issue Matosh is trying to make is that slots fill up quickly and finding a slot in the same squad as your friends is not always possible. The system would be a way of creating and dropping squads on-the-fly, allowing people from differing squads leave and form new ones so they can be together with their mates.


It's a good system and I mean to implement it, but right now it's not a priority. I'll add this to my to-do list.

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I did not understand fully what Matosh said cause I only played domination like 2 times, but if it's what rarek explained it sound good. I've been in a server (not I&A mission) where you could look at any player when they are close to you, and in the scroll mouse menu there was an option like "join xxxxx squad", im not sure how that handled the squad leaders but it was really easy to team up with friends using it.

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I have started working on a script that would function almost exactly as what you are talking about, plus have the ability to capture an opponent (remove weapons, set damage to prevent running). I was getting close (I think), but I have no help or others to help me test. I have posted what I started on the bis forums


, but I am out of ideas on how to improve it until I learn more. I hope it may be of some use.

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I like this idea as I often end up in a squad that doesn't really communicate with each other, be nice for squads or groups to actually work together.


I remember playing a game of Escape from Stratis where we all worked as one unit to survive with one guy taking command, pretty cool stuff.

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Group Management Script

Found this, would it work for the purposes you desire? Actually doesn't provide additional channels, so might need to modify it a bit.


I played on a I&A server that used that script, it looks pretty useful. These are the options it has:


Leave Group = Leaves current group

Join Group = Joins Group of Unit you are looking at AND near.

Become Group Lead = Become group leader of your current group.

Step Down as Group Lead = Stop being group leader and randomly assign another group member as leader.


One problem it may cause is if anyone is allowed to become group leader at any time, then ppl may spam that option fighting to become the leader, not really serious but may be annoying. About the channels thing, I don't really understand that so I can't comment :P

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I have played on a server that had this feature in Arma 2 and it is really amazing. If your with random guys on the battlefield and your all in different squads u just make a new squad and u all jump in. Loved it! Must have!!

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Yes I also think this would be a great idea. I only stumbled onto this mission by accident a few days ago and tried it out. I absolutley love this shit! I am truely addicted.


Anyways, I noticed that whenever I join, the groups that were pre-made in the mission do not seem to stick together. I am pretty sure it has to do with what someone else suggested, slots just fill up quick and people would rather not fill certain roles because they do not prefer that role. Anyways, if this would be in use, then being able to group up with your mates and knowing where they are would be a lot easier.

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