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[Guide] Fix BAD_MODULE_INFO Crash! (Disable Full-Screen Optimizations)

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(TL;DR, scroll down to the bullet points)




After I heard that this could be fixed by disabling a windows compatibility option, I decided to do some research into what exactly was happening. I have found no reliable way to cause this, so local testing is pretty difficult. From what I can gather from online forums and posts by people having the same crash report, It's something related to Battle-eye and how windows handles full screen applications, as this happens in other battle-eye protected games such as fort-nite and DayZ. The error itself is a windows system error, but beyond that MSDN is being typically unhelpful.


Anyways, Onto the "Supposed may or may not work probably will results may vary :TM:" fix.


  1. Open your Arma 3 Folder, this is by default located in: (If you have moved your steam installation, I will assume you know how to find your steam apps folder.)
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3


  2. Right click on the first .exe file you see (arma3.exe) and click properties.

  3. Go to the Compatibility tab, and select "Change settings for all users"

  4. Check "Disable full-screen optimisation", and then click Apply.

  5. You must now repeat this step for all other .exe files in your base ArmA folder.


I can't grantee that this will permanently fix the issue, but I can confirm that this has no performance impact what-so-ever so there should be no downside to this.



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I got mine completely fixed by setting up 2 gigs (2048 Mb) Virtual Memory, before that I had it disabled.
I have 16 gigs memory so I should not run out but according to system logs I found in the event log I did.

You can do this with win + R  -> SystemPropertiesAdvanced.exe -> "Performance" Settings -> Advanced tab -> "Virtual Memory" Change
I enabled it for my C drive (ssd) and used initial value 2048 | max value 4096 (reboot like the warning says :) )

No more crashes since (8 straight hours of Arma as evidence)

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