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Graphical glitches


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I seem to be having some graphical glitches and i wanted to see if it just me or was a server thing.  I am having issues with my graphics card (lost all DP ports) and i did notice some lag the other day.  But last night i went to the side mission completed that went to see if i could destroy the Madrid with my last charge.  When i got to it the textures were missing it was soet of grey but with a flowing pearlesent rainbow skin.  i asumed id crashed so logged out and restarted the game and when i logged in and spawned the Arsenal and two of the billboards at FOB Martian were the same (one bill board was normal)  i went out side and there was a floating body (normal i know but it had the same Textures apat from his head and hands.  I tried again this morning and the same issues.  but i have played on an exile and a wasteland server and didn't see any of the same glitches.  does anyone have any ideas or is my 970 properly dead?


*Edit  just thought id add that this morning i have completley uninstalled Arma3 and the A3 launcher and deleted all mods and the reinstalled Arma3 and still had the issue



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