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Hey everyone

I was thinking (it may happen ;)) that it can be a good idea to share loadout for newbies/noob (I count myself in this category)

I know that there is the standards loadout when we join the server but everyone add or remove stuff from it.


Another thought (maybe already done) is to put somewhere the list of allowed gear for each role  (I say this because I don't know where to search) so we could prepare it in the arsenal and waste less time on the server...



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List of pretty much the best(=most effective) gear you can pick:

  • Weapon:
    • Assaultrifle: SCAR L CQC if you are a guy who goes full auto and still wants to hit something because the recoil as well as the bullet-spray are extremely low on that one. If you want to go lighter with more precise shots over range I would use the Mk 18 Mod 1. And if you are TL or SL I would recommend the GL versions (because of HEDP for TLs and because of HuntIR for SLs)
      • Scope: SU-230/PVS because this one got a higher magnification than all the other RCOs/ACOGs while also having the option to switch to a good 1x.
      • Rail: definitly the LLM Mk3 because you can switch between light and laser but without having anything on top of your weapon that obstructs your vision. But even more important that thing is even lighter than every other laser/light.
      • Muzzle: If you want to get a jammed weapong more often feel free to use a supressor and be "totally tacticool"
      • Bipod: Grip Pod. Everything else is just cosmetic nonsense.
      • Ammo: 262 rounds if you want precision, anything with tracers if you have problems spotting where you are hitting
    • LMG: M249 PIP (Short/VFG) because that one is lighter than the other M249s because there is no bipod BUT even with grip pod attached it is still ighter. Also don´t take MMGs if not ordered to because they all just kick way too much even though they are extremely heavy
      • Scope: SU-260/P (MDO) at day because it has got 6x and even without beeing deployed it is still absolutely managable to hit with that one. And when deployed you don´t have a single problem hitting at 600m+. But as the name says it is not NVG-compatible. So at night use the SU-230/PVS again.
      • Rail: LLM Mk3
      • Muzzle: /
      • Bipod: Grip Pod
      • Ammo: Tracer 200rnd Belt
    • DMR: L129A1 because it just outclasses the other DMRs.
      • Scope: AMS because you can switch between 1x, 3x and 10x.
      • Rail: LLM Mk3
      • Muzzle: /
      • Bipod: Harris Bipod
      • Ammo: M993AP or Tracer
  • Launcher:
    • LAT: HEDP because for everything else we have the AT and taking HEAT just makes you useless against lighter vehicles
    • AT: SMAW because I am bad with AT and need the spotting scope
  • Handgun:
    • Pistol: Take the FNX-45 Tactical because you will need to go for headshots anyways if you are fighting enemys with plates and it doesn´t matters if your enemies don´t have plates.
      • scope: MRD because it makes it really easy to line up headshots.
      • Rail: Nothing because we´ve got NVGs and don´t need tacticool bs.
      • Muzzle: /
  • Uniform:
    • check this post (just look at the stats on top of each list and wether or not they got removed (the colorfull-remarks): 
    • Diver: Diving gear or Survival fatigues because they both offer flippers and you don´t really want to swim super slow for one or more km.
  • Vest:
    • As also stated in the above post: SPC IAR, SPC Machinegunner, SPC light, SPC Crewman or SPC Patcheless because they offer the maximum available ballistic protection and also a very high explosive protection. The only difference are the looks and the loading capacities and with them the weights. So if you spent a bit of time in the virtual arsenal you will be able to make your loadouts extremely light without loosing any protection (especially together with MNP).
    • Diver: Respirator if you don´t want to drown
  • Backpack:
    • SL: I prefer the AN/PRC-210 because it´s range is 40km, while all the other LW-backpacls only have 20km range.
    • Anyone else: just take whatever space you need but do note that BAF definitly offers some nice backpacks that fill in some niche-spots.
  • Headgear:
    • Protection: For maximum available protection take the Enhanced Combat Helmet
    • weight: For lowest weight any of the Fast Ballistic or the Fast Maritime helmets because they offer the same protection as every MICH, or ACH or just every "second most protective" helmet we have but they are for some reason just lighter. Also they have the same hitbox even without ear protectors.
  • Facewear:
    • if you want to go for low weight take nothing because there is just real advantage that would justify it
    • if you want to be a tacticool looking guy than go on and take whatever you want.
    • Diver: Diving Goggles if you want to be able to see stuff.
  • NVGs:
    • maximum FOV: NV Goggles (wide)
    • lowest weight: Head-mounted NV System [BAF] because for some reason that one is also straigth up lighter than all the other ones
  • Binocular:
    • PC/SL: SOFLAM is nice because of the high magnification and maybe you will actually designate stuff but most likely Vortex can do that themselfes.
    • TL: Lerca if you want to go for magnification (but hasn´t got NV), Vector 21 Nite if you want to have NV and know how to use all it´s potential. If not than watch this video:
  • Map:
    • only one choice...: Map
  • Comms:
    • always take the one with the biggest range: AN/PRC-152 = 5km (also make sure you know how to set up additional channels, etc; if you don´t then please make sure you know before taking TL/SL), RF-7800S-TR = 2km
  • Navigation:
    • only one choice...: Compass
  • Watch:
    • If you are running the RF-7800S-TR take the Radio Programmer
    • If not than: No need to take anything then
  • supplies:
    • medical: 2x Epi, 2x Morphine, 5x quick-clot, 3x packing bandage, 2x basic bandage. Just personal preference but just don´t take too many packings because even though a lot of people still waste them on Avulsions quick clots usually the better choice if you want to seal wounds and not just cover them up with a super high chance of reopening but more about than can be found here:
    • Nades: 2x L50A1 White Smoke Grenade because the BAF smokes just create way more smoke than the others.
    • others: Maptools + Micro-DAGR if TL/SL, 5x Cable Ties, Earplugs, Chemlight shield with white Chemlight inside because it has the same weight as any torch but the lighted radius on the map is bigger



List of gear that I am currently using:

  • Weapon:
    • Assaultrifle: Mk 18 Mod 1
      • Scope: SU-230/PVS
      • Rail: definitly the LLM Mk3
      • Bipod: Grip Pod
      • Ammo: Tracer
    • LMG: M249 PIP (Short/VFG)
      • Scope: SU-260/P (MDO) at day and SU-230/PVS at night
      • Rail: LLM Mk3
      • Bipod: Grip Pod
      • Ammo: Tracer 200rnd Belt
    • DMR: L129A1
      • Scope: AMS
      • Rail: LLM Mk3
      • Bipod: Harris Bipod
      • Ammo: M993AP
  • Launcher:
    • LAT: HEDP
    • AT: SMAW
  • Handgun:
    • RSP-30 (red)
  • Uniform:
    • woodland: G3 Uniform (M81)
    • desert: G3 Uniform (Tan)
    • Diver: Survival Fatigues
  • Vest:
    • SPC IAR, SPC Machinegunner, SPC light, SPC Crewman or SPC Patcheless
    • Diver: Respirator (Nato)
  • Backpack:
    • SL: AN/PRC-210
    • Medic, Engineer, sometimes AR: Eagle A-III Coyote
  • Headgear:
    • Fast Maritime (Urban Tan/Headset)
  • Facewear:
    • Diver: Diving Goggles (NATO)
  • NVGs:
    • Head-mounted NV System [BAF]
  • Binocular:
    • PC, SL: SOFLAM
    • TL, AR, LAT, AT: Vector 21 Nite
  • Map:
    • Map
  • Comms:
    • PC, SL, TL: AN/PRC-152
    • else: RF-7800S-TR
  • Navigation:
    • Compass
  • Watch:
    • PC, SL, TL: nothing
    • else: Radio Programmer
  • supplies:
    • medical: 2x Basic Bandage, 3x Packing Bandage, 5x Quick Clot, 2x Morph. 2x Epinephrine, 4x CAT
    • other: Earplugs, 4x cable ties, Chemlight Shield (white), Map Tools
    • throwables: 2x L50A1 White Smoke Grenade, 1x M127A1 Hand Held Signal (Red), 2x M84 Stun Grenade
    • Mags:
      • AR, Marksman: depending on weight limit
      • else: 6x 5.56mm 30rnd M856A1 Red Tracer
    • Engineer: 4x M112 Demolition Block, Entrenching Tool, Mine Detector, Wirecutter, Toolkit, M152 Firing Device, 2x 1.9V Battery, Defusal Kit, Black spray paint
    • Medic: 10x Basic Bandage, 15x Packing Bandage, 15x Elastic Bandage, 30x Quick Clot, 6x CAT, 8x Morphine, 8x Epinephrine, 2x Adenosine, 2x Plasma IV (1000ml), 2x Saline IV (1000ml), 4x Plasma IV (500ml), 4x Saline IV (500ml), 4x Plasma IV (250ml), 4x Saline IV (250ml), Surgical Kit
    • TL, SL, LAT, AT, AR: MicroDAGR GPS



Also if you want a list with all the whitelisted stuff: feel free to do it yourself because that is a lot of work and more important it is wasted time because the whitelisting changes quite often. So if you want to build loadouts: play on the server and get to know what is whitelisted, then, as you said, go into the virtual arsenal outside the server and build your preferred loadout. Because for other people it is annyoing if someone plays dressup-simulator on the server but more important are a lot of the stats that are shown on the server just completely wrong because of the Fixed Arsenal mod.




Edited by Noah_Hero
Putted a list with my current used gear in there aswell
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23 minutes ago, Noah_Hero said:


  • Pistol: Take the FNX-45 Tactical because you will need to go for headshots anyways if you are fighting enemys with plates and it doesn´t matters if your enemies don´t have plates.
    • scope: MRD because it makes it really easy to line up headshots.
    • Rail: Nothing because we´ve got NVGs and don´t need tacticool bs.
    • Muzzle: /


I agree with you on everything but this point. During some testing I did on calibers vs armoured and unarmoured enemies, I found that the standard .45 acp round was beaten out by the 9mm JHP rounds offered by RHS weapons such as the G17 and M9. I strongly advise, if you must carry a pistol, to carry these. With lower recoil, more damage per shot, lighter ammo and a larger capacity per magazine there's no good reason to carry anything else.

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1 minute ago, BloodInTheSand said:

During some testing I did on calibers vs armoured and unarmoured enemies, I found that the standard .45 acp round was beaten out by the 9mm JHP rounds offered by RHS weapons such as the G17 and M9.

Definitly correct! If I would want to go for body-shots I would always take the G17 because it got the highest impact across all pistols that we have but since russians tend to kill you faster then you can kill them with pistol-body-shots I switched to only go for headshots since I am most likely last man standing without any backup anyways if I am down to my sidearm. Therefore I just try to only go for one-shot kills to at least survive long enough until I can get a reload of my primary done.

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Thanks Noah for this complete info. I saw the tread about uniforms. 

It's really interesting and clear. it might be also good to have several point of view / loadout / advice on this thread...


I agree with the fact whitelisted items change and the boring idea of making it.

I thought maybe just getting the list but I realized it may be scripted so difficult to link with the items...

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If you're interested here you can find all of my loadouts: https://pastebin.com/q07SB8Xq

If you want to see what they contain in motre detail copy all the lines for 1 loadout (starts with comment "whichLoadout"; and ends with this setSpeaker "ace_novoice"; ) 

Then go into the virtual arsenal and press ctrl + v and the guy will be wearing that loadout. 

As you can see all my loadouts have a glock in them.  I do this because I'm using the SMA weapons, which tend to jam more often than the RHS ones.  Even though a scar should be less likely to jam as a AR type rifle but oh well, arma.  So if it jams, which luckily doesn't happen that often, i have a something to fall back on.  They are also pretty useful to take out lights at night.  (Or double tapping bodies just to be sure.)


Another thing you might notice is that all of my loadouts have suppressors on the guns.  I do this because it's easier to ditch them than it is to grab them when you're in a hurry.  And I tend to forget to put my earplugs in. 

If you got any questions about my loadouts let me know :) 

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The United State Marine Corps

guide to Smoking Crayons

(v. 0311 RIFLEMAN)





- FROG MARPAT [Desert or Woodland camouflage]



- Rifleman SPC (Scalable Plate Carrier) [only comes in Coyote-Brown]



- LWH (Lightwight Helmet) [Desert or Woodland]



- (Any black protective goggles or glasses)



- (None, completely unnecessary for most roles)





- AN/PVQ-31 (AGOG)

- AN/PEQ-15 (laser sight)

- Standard foregrip


No sidearm:

- (Banter = USMC > Army /// Budget = USMC < Army)



Equipment (inside clothing):


- Field Utility Cover (8-point hat for non-combat usage)

- (Used as overflow/spare space/helmet space)



- Standard USMC IFAK (2x Elastic Bandages, 2x Packing Bandages, 2x QuickClot Bandages, 2x Tourniquets. NO CHEMICAL MEDICATIONS.)

- Earplugs

- 8x M855 STANAG Magazines

- 2x M856 (Red Tracer)STANAG Magazines

- 2x M67 Fragmentation Grenades

- 1x White smoke (Can't remember the designation, but I use the RHS one even though its the worst)

- 2x Hi-Red Chemlights

- 2x Cable Ties



Equipment (misculanious):


- Yes.



- Yes.



- Most people would say that you need a MicroDAGR Radio Programmer, but it's not entirely necessary with preset radio channels. (I don't use one for realism sake).



- RF-7800S-TR (closest thing you can get to a real USMC radio with TFAR)





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Weapon: If I've got the weight, a SCAR-H with tracer rounds because I can never see those little dirt splashes and correcting based on where a tracer goes mean a second shot kill is usually really easy, especially with 7.62. Before "the 7.62 revolution" and if I don't have the weight (looking at you SMAW load out) I go for the 5.56 BAF standard issue AR, (the l856A1? I cant remember the name), used the exact same way as the scar-h, but some enemies (specifically PLA at 300+ meters) will take more than 1 bullet to stop.


Ammo: Exclusively tracer, I like knowing where my rounds go. (red is the easiest to spot for me)

I Aim for 180 rounds, so if I'm using a 5.56 with 30rnd mags, I go 5+1, with the larger 7.62 20rnd mags I go 8+1.


Scope: The RHS Acog that has the little 1x dot scope on top, right at the bottom of the scopes list, lets me use night vision (with RHS set to 3d scopes) and I can put bullets on target with tracer correction at like 700m if they are standing still or i get lucky.


Other Attachments: a bipod, and a laser/light module.



Secondary Weapon: The single shot grenade launcher. Most weapon's under barrel scopes can only adjust in 100m increments, but this thing goes up in 50, making it much easier to hit what you are aiming at, I love this little thing and with 3 well placed HEDP rounds it can (with some luck) cook off a BTR. with smoke rounds you can call in a vortex, and you can even use flare rounds at night (which look super pretty :D). Haven't had much luck with HET (high explosive timed) rounds, so I just take 6 HEDP, 6HE and 4 smoke/flare (depending on if night) rounds.



Launcher: If team lead is okay with me being heavy, I'll go with my 44KG SMAW loadout which has 3 HEAA rounds and 3 spotting rounds, granted it will take me 20 seconds after stopping to steady my aim, but i can spend that time ranging it and maybe firing off a few spotting rounds to make sure the first rocket hits. If this weight is an issue, or if I know that there will be a lot of running involved, I usually go with the BAF Javelin.

As an AT guy I'm usually the only guy who can deal with something big like a t-72 (or a extremely annoying BTR, shout out to the 2 at4 HEAT's, 1 rpg-26, 1 law, and 2 HEAA rounds that the one yesterday took, finally killing the crew, not even cooking off). So i want to be 100% sure that when I fire my round off, the target dies. (If you do go for the jav, try and get one of the lighter load-out members of your team like team lead to take an extra tube, they go in the launcher slot so they wont take up peoples backpack space.)



Uniform: Been trying out the MNP Woodland gear, But my all time favorite has to be the BAF gear, more than enough choices to make a fully matching load out for what ever role you want, in both desert and mtp camo's.



Grenades: Maybe a purple smoke for emergencies, but I've seen too many people fail throwing grenades to want to take them myself.



Other: Vector 21 night, see noah's video that thing is amazing.

nvg: What ever matches my uniform. (Always taken, I make my load outs ready for any situation, so 90% of the time i can just load the load out and go)

map: map, also a maplight.

Mine detector: The first thing to go if I'm wearing a heavy load out, but if i have the weight spare I take one for the same reason as i take NVG's.

GPS: I've replaced ctab with the vanilla arma gps display. (miss u bb)



That's about it, Usually only go ASL / AT / vortex these day's, its extremely rare that i cant get at least one of these slots. (Special shout out to the Rifleman AA slot, where i go into ASL LAT, and take a stinger. Only taken the role twice but both times I got multiple air kills, with the shier amount of AT we take to an AO, maybe consider some adding some spicy AA to the pot.)


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Generally, I have a kit for every role for every nation we usually play as. I enjoy character building and so every kit is tailored to a different style; call it roleplay if you will. Mostly I swap out the gun and camo, the misc gear however is fairly consistent across the board.


That's why I wholeheartedly recommend skimming through the arsenal to see what you think looks good and fits your play style. One day you may want US Army realism, so you grab all OCP gear and an M4; another day you really want to be tacticool with G3 fatigues, MGP operator vests and a SCAR-H. Make it your own.


Personally, I love mobility. Only one kit exceeds 30 kg, most are well under that, so I have plenty of stamina to outpace just about everyone.

My basic rifleman is equipped as such:

  • Uniform
    • FAK: 4 packing bandages, 2 field dressing, 2 QuikClot, 1 morphine (because game)
    • 2 cable ties
  • Vest
    • 6-8 magazines
      • The final two mags are full tracers so I know when I'm down to condition red on ammo
    • 1 frag grenade
    • 2 white smoke grenades
    • 2 blue chemlights
    • 2 hi-red chemlights
    • 1 red flare
  • Misc Items
    • Map
    • Compass
    • Short-range radio
    • GPS (unless I feel like not having it)
  • Head
    • Helmet (you never know that you needed it, but trust me, you needed it)
    • Ballistic glasses

This kit is very easy to adapt to whatever role you take:

A medic grabs a backpack and fills it up with medical supplies (see the guide Noah linked).

An engineer grabs a backpack and fills it up with engineer-type stuff.

A rifleman LAT grabs an AT4.

A grenadier / TL/SL swaps out the rifle for one with an underbarrel grenade launcher and adds a few 40 mm rounds.

And so on.


Create your own basic rifleman, run it for a while, then you can tell what it lacks or has too much of. Adjust and adapt, then build your specialised kits upon the basic one.

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In very few words:

  • Uniform, helmet, vest - pick whatever you like the look of. Try to have some amount of armor and carrying capacity on them.
  • Backpack is completely dispensable unless you're going to be carrying a lot of extra ammo.
  • For regular rifles, I carry one magazine loaded in, 6 in the vest.
  • 2 fragmentation grenades, 1 white smoke, 1 green smoke.
  • I personally never carry a sidearm. Fully dispensable to me.
  • NGVs, map flashlight, map, compass, radio. Can also take a silencer if it's a night-op and the team could use the advantage.
  • 4 bandages of each type, 1 morphine.

Keep the following in mind: keep it appropriate for your role, if you're unsure about something ask; keep an eye on your weight - when you're above 30 Kg it starts to get a bit too heavy if you're not carrying a lot extra ammo.


That's about it. In other words - experiment. That's one of the beauties of EU3, you're free to make your loadout your own.

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I would echo everything that has been said above,. Only add that you want to make sure you have an IR Lazer for night ops, the new night vision purposely affects your ability to focus on sights, having a Lazer will now be helpful to target acquisition

Sent from my ONEPLUS A5000 using Tapatalk

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The amazing thing about Stilletto is the freedom to do what you want with your loadouts, many people may tell you what to take but it goes without saying that you should be taking what you are comfortable with.


A weapon I have been comfortable with on EU3 day one edition and I'm sure other players will be comfy with is the M16A4 Rifle. It shoots true and accurate and has plenty enough stopping power to kill 80% of your foes with 1 round to the chest. Pair this with an Acog and you have a weapon capable of making incredibly accurate shots to down a foe in an average of 1-3 rounds at ranges between point blank - 600m effective. Maximum range I have acquired a 1 shot kill with said rifle is approximately 850m though this requires a little more expertise with the weapon.


If you're going CQB, invest in a side arm. Pressing a button to change to it (I use 3 on the hotkey) is MUCH quicker than reloading. Many people will say a side arm is added weight with no reward, but unless you're like me and can count more times a side arm has saved my life than a friendly has, you can bet your ass its a good call. I'd recommend the RHS M9 Beretta with FMJ rounds, it's hard hitting at close range and dumping a few well placed rounds into the enemy will indeed save your life a lot quicker than reloading while he admires your form through his iron sights.


Honestly, if you want a solid simple loadout that will do everything you ever need to do on Stiletto with no nonsense, no bullshit then just refer to @J0hnson simple grunt loadout.


At the end of the day, AWE is more of a semi-realism server and there isn't a ton of rules dictating what you MUST take. Take what you are comfortable using, there is a lot in the arsenal meaning there may seem like there is a lot to take in but keep your horizons close. Set your sights on a few targets and try those out, finding a few bits of kit that you can grow to love and be effective with.

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The primary advice I'd give is pick a few weapons and get comfortable with them. Don't switch weapons every half hour, you'll never learn to shoot straight with any of them that way :)


I usually carry:


Rifle, 5.56 (HK416, recently SCAR-L)

 - Optic, 4x (SU-130/PVS)

 - Laser target pointer (AN/PEQ-15)

6-9 30rnd STANAG, 5.56 (M855A1)

1-2 Frag (M67 RHS)

1-2 White smoke (L50A1)

1 Blue smoke (L71)

2 Cable Tie


4 Bandage, Packing

6 Bandage, Qiuickclot

2 Morphine

1 Tourniquet


Radio (with programmer)




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