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[AWE] OP Organised Stiletto on 24/01/2018 at 1900 UTC


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Event Date: 24/01/2018


Event Time: 1900 UTC


Mission Name: OP Organised Stiletto


Brief Summary: Join us for our kick-off to weekly organised sessions of Stiletto!

Every Wednesday will see an orchestrated effort to play Stiletto properly with an established chain of command and staff members to moderate it all. This is when we play the mission coordinated and with our honest game faces, to escape the rut and show off what AWE can do when we put our minds to it!

For regular players, there is no need to sign up; just join!
For leadership positions, please fill in the following form. You'll have a choice between PltCo, JTAC, SL and FTL and it's first come, first served. The highest ranking slot will then decide on additional elements such as Vortex, Hammer and Logi. Every week and every CO will be different in that regard!


Leadership Sign-up: https://goo.gl/forms/8sr5m1hHf3cXCXHs1


This is the first in a line of scheduled sessions and of course benefits greatly from all your feedback. If you think future sessions are better off on a different day, let us know.

Hope to see you all there!



Cover Image: Before_Battle-Kingfisher.jpg.3979dbc1e9e6f836b7edc5ce07ab1d8c.jpg


Player slots: 44


Expected Mission Length: 90 minutes to open-ended


Mods required: Standard AWE


Server slots: 44

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As per a very sensible request, I changed the form to include a "no leading role" option.

If you'd rather not lead but are willing to jump in if needed, pick that for your first choice. Or if you at the most want to lead a fireteam, for example, but otherwise prefer a non-leading role, you can of course do that, too.



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Sounds great but as per fkn usual, it's on the exact day I wont be here.


You should push the AO parameter up from the default 6 to about 10 on these "Gamenights" though, would be more fun and will avoid DC's during hashes. If anything goes wrong with Stiletto during this, I'm sure the several staff members there at the time could think of something, or help somehow.


Also is there limited gear or anything? Are we still gonna have an Arsenal? Might be kinda fun relying on ammo crates and whatever we can muster.


Sorry I can't make it.

- J

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