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Just saying hi


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Hi AW community!  

Just dropping by to say, have had loads of fun the past few weeks on your server.

Had not played Invade & Annex in a long time and must say the balance is perfect now for combined operations, not much ARMOR and air superiority so the infantry grunts got enough to do ;-) just how I like to play ARMA for most of the time :-) 

Big shoutout to the outstanding pilots from AW doing whole nights of playing taxi (dodging AA shells and small arms fire) but mostly keeping the airbridge to the AO active, flying the entire evening without taking 1 shot the entire night.



See you on the battlefield! 




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14 hours ago, PiranhA said:

Hello Melle,


Glad to hear its fun on the servers with invade and annex. And welcome aswell, theres a lot more we do beside Arma so hop on the teamspeak and find out yourself.

Your name sounds Dutch, am i correct?



Yes I am dutch ;-) 



Just had a week of pager duty (as volunteer firefighter) and doing late shifts at work this week, so I might be popping on TS late in the evening or next week wenn I hit the early shift again. 

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