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I don't know where to put my apologies for the f***ed up mission of Castle Rescue on Malden this evening :

I know I'm the one who blow up the BH by blowing the HMWW, @ShadowAce11 may confirm.

I heard people talking about a rpg but we were too far... It was probably due to grenade rounds in the car.

I'm really sorry about that and every other fail I have done(shooting in Hobnob, failing to be good vortex yesterday evening,...) and I accept any consequence 

Good evening  guys

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You made mistakes. Welcome to the club.

Mistakes are human, and we made to make a lot of them. These were just some of yours.


Don't be sad you made some mistakes, I once deflected a 20mm HE round of the ground and killed Ryko, and crashed a jet and blamed manpads for it.

We all make mistakes even I. These are just moments we learn from. We think about it over and over again, finding where the situation went wrong and eventually finding a solution to avoiding it in the future. 


Get back on the horse. It's not the end of times, it's a lesson learned.


- SiegeSix

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Don't worry about it. No real harm done. As siege said use it as an opportunity to learn and improve as a player. 


Things when playing are often results of decisions that are made quickly under pressure and the only way to improve this is to experience it and learn from what works and what doesn't. sometimes those decisions have fatal consequences, sometimes they work. Only by experiancing these things do you truly understand whats going to work and why things dont :) 


Get back out there and kick some opfor ass :D 



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I can confirm, but it's absolutely nothing worth punishing. I've spent 1200 hours on Enhanced, and you can definitely be sure I've accidentally mass-TK'd a loaded Humvee or knocked out the rotors of a heli with a tall vehicle causing a chain reaction before.


The most I took away from the incident today was that yes, you should wait to blow vehicles until people (and especially other vehicles) are at a safe distance, and that it looked hilarious for me to take a grenade to the back of my neck and ragdoll into the interior of the helicopter before everything blew up.


I appreciate your honesty. Most players either go radio silent when they know they're going to get called out (I've had people go silent, completely, for over 15 minutes to avoid taking responsibility for their actions), or just try to go under "uh... must've been a hostile rocket." Props for being responsible.


On another note, if I remember right, the mission didn't fail, so that might be something to note in the Stiletto feedback thread.

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