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I&A accepted addons & repository info


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Repository info

All the mods we allow on our servers can be downloaded from our repository (or repo for short). 


We also have a collection on steam that can be found here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1778947844


Allowed mods and info

This are the mods (with direct download links) that are currently allowed on our I&A servers:


Misc mods:

- CBA 3, A requirement for almost all our mods

- shacktac UI, includes STHUD, Group Indicators,  Player Name, Map Brightness, ...

- outlaw magrepack, This magazine repacking mod lets you repack your non-full magazines

-DUI - Squad Radar A compass showing all nearby units in your squad. Additionally you can show your bearing in number format above this compass. Has support for occlusion, different ranges, colors, icons and so on!

Discord Rich Presence A way to show your support for AW through your discord game activity bar. (will be added to the steam collection soon:tm:, for now the name is a link.)


Sound/visual mods:

All of these alter vanilla sounds and/or visuals in some way

DynaSound 2


Blastcore Phoenix 2

- Enhanced Soundscape


We highly recommend that you only have one of these active when playing arma.  Some of them overwrite the same vanilla sounds/visuals.  Having 2 or 3 running at the same time might lead to unexpected behaviour.  Enhanced soundscape should technically be compatible with the other 3 sound/visual mods but we don't guarantee it'll work as intended by the mod creators.


Last updated: April 7 2021

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It is on our Enhanced server AWE which runs liberation and game nights. Unfortunately it is not on the Public side EU1/2 as not all would have it which would look janky when you use it as in they would see you're on one side of a wall and the next you're on the other without playing the animation. 


Here is the Liberation link (HTML/date may be subject to change): 

And here is the events page where gamenights and others are posted:


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1 minute ago, Gdad1902 said:

would be nice if there was a preset for us to download that has all the upto date mods in it?


Except for DUI (which doesn't fully work for most people on EU1 anyway) the steam collection is linked in the first post.  Or do you mean a preset for the launcher?  

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