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Hello, I am Kazemeka! Nice to meet you!

Kazemeka The Cat

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I am a teenager living in europe and I really want to join some kind of an arma community. I also play other games, such as Elite Dangerous and DCS (altough I am saving up on a HOTAS system so currently I am terrible at it).


Also, I am very confused as to how this community functions.. Could anyone help me, please?

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Hi @Kazemeka The Cat,


if you want to get involved into a more serious Arma 3 environment that sets it´s focus on coordinated teamplay I can definitly recommend AhoyWorld Enhanced (AWE) for you!:)

As @Stanhope already pointed out you´ll have to download a few mods for this but that is actually pretty easy. But before you download like 20Gb of mods you´ll most likely want to get a bit more information about the server, etc. :D




Best regards

Noah :)



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