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Some Ranks not fixed


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Thanks for reporting! Founder / Designer is a custom title that I can change myself, so I'll make it piratey when I can. :)

As for Team Member - any suggestions? Will happily change it if we can think of something good! Plus how do you think the new ranks fit? They obviously go with the title of the site, though I'm not sure if they go with the overall feeling!

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You could do the ranks like the british royal navy of old? Seems fitting as they were the first men recognised to fly the jolly roger (for military purpose).

Lowest to Highest Rank:

Crew Ranks


Leading Seaman

Petty Officer

Warrant Officer

Naval Officer Ranks





Lieutenant Commander


Captain/ Master



Admiral of the Fleet

Merchant Ships had a different system, again lowest to highest:

Ordinary Seaman

Able Seaman


Third Mate

Second Mate

First Mate

Captain/ Master

Naval/Military Ranks tend to have more tiers to the ranks.

Alternatively you could just make up some sea like ranks.

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I've always been terrible at making up forum ranks so we'll stick with the list. I'm thinking we'll head for the Crew / Naval Officer ranks seeing as there seems to be a nice collection of 'em. And "Admiral" is pretty close to "Admin". :D

So if we start pairing up the ranks...

Seamen - Commander = Member Post Ranks

Captain or Master = Moderator

Commodore = Global Moderator

Admiral = Admin

Admiral of the Fleet = Super Admin

How's that looking?

EDIT: Trying it out, it's hard to immediately understand the rank of each title. I might just go for a very simple, cut-down army hierarchy with terms such as "Squaddie" for Team Members etc. I also reckon it'd be worth keeping the simple "Moderator" and "Administrator" titles so everything remains clear. Or maybe we could have your post rank (the rank you are given depending on how many posts you have) and your group rank (the rank you are given depending on which group you're in) separate and just display them both in the user info area?


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Well all ranks from Seaman up to Commander are based on the amount of posts a user makes. The more posts, the higher the rank.

These are just ideas for the moment though. We're using this system right now but will probably be changing to a more easily-understandable chain of command in the near future, keeping hold of titles such as Admin and Moderator that offer much better clarity than their nautical counterparts Admiral and Captain.

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