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LHD/landing craft/navy mods?


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Hello. Doesn anyone know any good naval mods for ArmA3? I already have the landing crafts from burnes, the nimitz and of course the USS Freedom. I'm looking into Ulyanovsk as well, but other than that i cant seem to find any decent mods working with current arma version. Particularly the LHD. Before anyone says there is LHD in CUP - yes, I am aware. But I won't get CUP just for one ship. It would get way too messy while also running RHS (duplicate weapons,etc.) So if anyone know any such mods and could point me in its direction, it would be appreciated.

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The Atlas LHD is up to date and working perfectly fine, you just need to find the right version, I recommend Workshop.


The USS Iowa is good if you want to remove a map with it's cannons but really it's only good for aesthetic and occasional fire support.


The Fast Sea Frame looks pretty good if you want to transport vehicles for an invasion scenario. 


There was a Spanish mod called FFAA that had a nice detailed LHD style ship but I'm unsure of it's status, you'd have to look it up.


There is a German Military mod that includes a pretty nice landing craft but I'm also unsure of the status of the mod.


Overall, Naval on ArmA III seems to be a forgotten front. Most people, particularly folks on AW are just more happy using helicopters and infantry with the occasional land vehicle. It is nice to see that you're interested in the Naval front though, I myself love combining all arms on ArmA 3 to create a large war scenario, it's why I play the game.

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Thanks for the reply. I must say Atlas went under my radar. It does look promising, but according to BI mod thread, it currently breakes missiles in-game. From what I;m reading, some file edits would be necessary.

The sea frame does look good, I wil definitely check this out.


With the FFAA and german military mods i have the same issue as with cup. Downloading a 1.3GB mod while I only need one ship from it. I did check out the FFAA earlier tho and I admit the ship is awesome.


I also looked into HAFM Navy and I have to say that it's very promising (and functional) even though the ships still have that WIP feeling to them.


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22 hours ago, BloodInTheSand said:

I previously used a mod for messing around that had an Anzac class frigate in it. Small hangar and pad for launching helicopters as well as some fairly balanced weapons. It was good fun and perfectly functional.

There are a couple mods of carious quality with Anzacs in them. I don't suppose you remember which one it was?

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