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Teamspeak 3 memory on AW server


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Teamspeak seems to take up a lot of memory but only when connected to the AW server. Pic attached, this seems like a HUGE amount. While connected to other servers, it's usually around 50,000k instead of the 900,000k+. Is there anything I can do to resolve this? It seems like a huge resource going on something that isn't necessary.


Thanks in advance.

TS3 memory AW.PNG

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Fixed the issue, it was going up in linear with the animated gif TS banner we have. As soon as it completed it's first loop the memory usage plateaus. I am miffed why it would be using so much though, the image itself is only about 4mb so why it's using 900mb has me stumped. Anyway we've removed it until we can figure that out.

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