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[AWE/MSO][TRAINING] Training Session 22/12/2017 18:00UTC

Karate Pyjamas

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 Hello all!

We've had some requests to do a sort of impromptu training session:


Friday 22nd of December 2017, 18:00 UTC @ AWE


This time it will be slightly different as usual as we will be running it in a workshop kind of fashion. We've got 4 trainers on the server, each teaching a different thing. You're free to pick one or perhaps two topics you'd like to become better at.


What we've got in store for you this time:


  • Long-range shooting with the M40 in preparation for the MSO, taught by Amentes
  • Room clearing/CQB in preparation for usage on the MSO or in general presented by Johnson
  • ACE Medic System is taught by Minipily
  • Mortar usage including map usage will be taught by Karate Pyjamas


The reason for this style of training session is that you get to practice more and get more attention overall by the tutors, less theory and more hands on practice!

There will not be any sign-ups, you can simply attach to one of the tutors once we kick off the session. It would be cool if you leave a message below if you're going to attend though! Based on demand we might run more sessions in the rotation that evening.  For example once the demand is high you may be able to attend a medic class first and then try your luck at some long range shooting. The number of people that can follow a class at a given time is cut off by the tutors to what they are comfortable with.

The session will run for about 1 to 1.5 hours in length, JIP will be available but please don't bother the tutors once they are in the middle of the class if you are late, try your best to attach yourself to what they are on about that moment.

We aim to finish the session before server primetime so we can enjoy a massive Stilleto OP, perhaps even with some Zeus action going on.


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Let me just say that Training sessions are not just there so who ever is teaching can be like "oh i'm better than you" and to make all students feel like they don't know anything.


It is purely there so someone can revise something they may be a little rusty on or perhaps learn something they don't know.


It would be much appreciated if we got a nice turn out and would be a pleasure to bring everyone up to speed on topics for the MSO, the training will be especially useful when the MSO starts getting much more heated.

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If anyone fancies my CQC training with me, it's pretty short and simple but it's better if we only do it with 5 people at a time.


It shouldn't take more than 10 minutes per team and we'll just be covering the USMC's way of securing and clearing buildings. Every nation's military does this differently so feel free to come along and ask anything you fancy, keeping in mind that the specific way I'll be demonstrating is Marine specific, but it's pretty damn efficient in Arma.

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That's good but I won't be there :( I would have loved to but social stuff...
Anyway, can you (instructors principaly) record it so I will see it during Xmas holiday?

I never thought of that but maybe we should have a list of regular person with their skills (didn't searched, it may even already exist) Like now I know that if I want to improve CQB i have to go see J0hnson...

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nice, nice... if only I had time on Friday, same as Walk'N.

I'm back next week on Thursday/Friday.

Asking for a rerun then would be too much I figure, but would it be possible to record the training?

Like I said in the idea box, having a video would already be really helpful.

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