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[AWE][GAMENIGHT]Operation Black December on 29/12/2017 at 19:00 GMT


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Event Date: 29/12/2017


Event Time: 19:00 UTC


Mission Name: Operation Black December


Brief Summary: Insurgent forces have occupied Kinduf airport and the military base which is near. Reports are indicating that the insurgents are using the airfield the base nearby for training new recruits and are planning a massive attack to take over the whole region. Our mission is to eliminate all insurgent forces and destroy all assets. Air support is available.


Cover Image: 452028776.jpg.01721d73531f91848d1f98a0d9a55060.jpg


Player slots: 28


Expected Mission Length: 1 hour and 30 minutes


Mods required: AhoyWorld mod Pack


Server slots: 30

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Good fun for at least me (the driver of Torch). Only suggestion I would have to improve the gamenight in the future would be to have only one vortex in fixed wing, and have the other in rotary. This is because of reinserts at base not really knowing how to re-enter the AO. Another idea to toy with would be to have a mech. unit. Perhaps instead of just two armored and one infantry, have a mechanized infantry team as well. This way its not all armor and the armor must move with infantry. 


However it was still a great game night apart from these small things, and obviously the server dying. Just hope to see more of these in the future, keep it up man!

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Feedback from Vortex 2:


Initially: F-16 A-A

Later: A-10C A-G



+ Overall, good mission design

+ Good plan on movement / holding areas.

+ Good use of VRP / IP.

+ Overall, proper comms with FAC and between Vortex.


~ Personal opinion, but having 500+ hours of Falcon BMS experience (and many more unlogged in other CFS), I think it accounts for something:

IMO, despite JETS DLC, fixed wing combat in ArmA is FUBAR and hardly enjoyable, especially A-A. For this mission, I think at least 1 rotary wing (AH64, AH1Z or even AH6) would've been better to provide close air support.


- Before in-game briefing, nobody seemed to have any idea what the mission was supposed to be, what assets we had available, which opposition we would be facing, ...

- No ability to choose loadout on the aircraft. Might've made air assets slightly more capable had they been able to swap their JDAM for AGM or GBU.



/ "Vortex 2, FAC, need immediate CAS support 300m north from Command's position" ....

Yeah, where is that exactly? You're moving around clearing the area, we're buzzing around at 240kmh (at least; so that's 4km/min), so getting actual visual acquisition of your location is almost impossible (tremendously hindered by ArmA visibility as well) without any markers, and there's hardly any time to check the map for markers. Provide some form of visual reference (smoke, laser, flare, easily distinguishable area points, ...) or 9-line as much as possible.

/ Often encountered in ArmA: Commanders and/or FAC don't really have experience with air assets, so they don't quite know their SWOT. Ie., when FAC asked for the immediate CAS support mentioned above. At this point, I had just completed a gun run and was still turning away from target (and maybe 500 - 1000m away from where that CAS was needed). Even with a slow-moving yet agile A10, I need to move away from target for at least 30 sec (2 - 3 km) to turn, be able to lock on something and target it properly.

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