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Ahoy everyone - i need help


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hello all.


I need to play arma 3,  Been off the game for a couple of days so as you can imagine I was a bit hacked off when I tried to play and the laws of physics went out of the window.


I don't know how to join ahoy password protected servers (where can I get the password from?)


The last time I used teamspeak 56k modems were all the rage.  So a little heads-up on that would be nice.


Anyway, I love the coop missions, I don't mind being ordered around (I love it really) as it helps me learn the game.  The team aspect of the game really gets me immersed.


Thanks for any help in advance,




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Hi yorkshireman,


First of all, welcome to the site !


Yeah this hack got all of us hiding behind passwords now a few days until proper patches are released. permission to say: cock.


Best way to get the most current password is to grab it off teamspeak as there is almost always someone about to help you out.


Grab your Teamspeak copy: HERE.

Connect to our server: HERE


For now i also dropped you the correct password in your PM. Make sure to restart your game BEFORE connecting in order to not infect the server.


Have a good one, now get back to the fight, soldier !

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