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Moving Forward Part 3: A New Beginning

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It's finally here: the long-awaited rules overhaul. The team has sat down brooding over what direction we want to take from this point on and how to best typify that in a practicable format moving forward.


We hope to address the most pressing issues that arose over the years and give you ample opportunity to make AWE your own.


The result requires all of our players to wholly erase the previous rules and their enforcement procedure from their memories. Approach the following as though you’re first reading about AWE.


You will still have rules and principles to abide by, but their fundamental structure has been reviewed and overhauled. It's probably best if we don't provide you a first impression by typing out what to expect: just read it for yourself. The essence of AWE should be there for you to take in.

Just know this: Keep what you read close to heart.


Best regards,

The AWE Staff Team



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Additionally, staff's internal User Tracking History will be wiped completely clean of all AWE instances of misbehaviour. This does not apply to bans currently in permanent effect.


This means: everyone starts off with clean slates. Fresh and innocent once more.


If you were banned within the last 6 months, you can re-apply for your AW member tags and are also eligible for Veteran status as of now.


Do not betray our trust in you. We want to steer this ship in a new direction and this direction involves all of you and all of us; so make it worthwhile and enjoy yourselves.


Any questions about what this entails can be posed here. Questions about specific rules can be discussed in the new rules topic.



The AWE Team

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