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Two Factor Authentication

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Good evening all from the Outreach team.


As of today, we have introduced 2 Factor Authentication here on the forums, this is in the form of both Authy and Google Authenticator. With Authy, you can either receive a text message or an automated phone call, with Google Authenticator it requires a QR code scan and a code will appear.


It's very easy to set up and we highly suggest that you take advantage of it. Simply click on your name and then "Account Settings", from there click on "Account Security" where you'll need to re-enter your password. From there you will have a choice between Authy, Google Authenticator, or both!





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18 minutes ago, Karate Pyjamas said:

Cookies and persistence?


Mostly hammering Ctrl + F5. I know how I could fix it for sure but that could very likely break a multitude of other things so I'd rather not go down that route. I've been in contact with IPS support to see if there's another option.

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