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Contact at Kamino (Stratis: 24/11/17)

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(This felt worthy enough to don the tag of the first AAR. I stress that this was without Zeus)





Date & Time: 24/11/17, 16:00(IG), 19:00(GMT)

Terrain: Stratis

Leader: Johnson




1: Establish a suitable FOB inside Kamino Firing Range for troops to station at during the USMC occupation of Stratis


A fairly straight forward and simple objective, we were to deploy at IP London via beach assault, East of Kamino. As we hit the beach with RHIBs we were instantly met with heavy, auto-cannon fire about 100m ahead of us. This was riskily but hastily dealt with, however we now wondered why there was a BMP-1 defending a supposedly civilian town.


As we moved into our overwatch point above the objective, we spotted ten-fold more armed MSV troops than civilians. Kamino belonged to the Russians. At this point we already had some patrols heading our way, danger close. I reluctantly called in Vortex to drop the Logi crate on our position and we set up defences as fast as we could. After Vortex dropped the crate, the CH-53 had taken heavy fire and the rest of Kamino had now spotted us.


With less than a fireteam, we hunkered down for the next hour of consistent gunfire and eventually managed to hold off about five ten man Russian weapon squads due to our entrenched position and defensive stance. After shots died down from one snap every second to one snap every minute, myself and @Minipily began to clear out Kamino itself. Civilian casualties were high. The gunfire was intense and it was nearly impossible to recall who killed who, but with the amount of vehicle activity, it was very possible that this was roadkill. The Russians suffered worse, not only had they lost Kamino, but an entire platoon with it.


About ten minutes of clearing and searching later, the rare shots from the treeline to the West became increasingly heavier. All of a sudden we were faced with another MSV platoon, this time on the attack. They rushed us in troop-trucks and UAZs but got massively slowed down by the pile of Russian and civilian vehicles blocking the road. They lost their momentum and lost their chance. Their push was harsh but as soon as they slowed down their assault they were picked off one by one. They had nothing left, Kamino was ours.


(Picture taken during the Russian counterattack; a USMC Squad Leader direct the focus of fire towards an enemy troop-transport truck heading to the main entrance of Kamino)





2: Secure the crash site of US Navy drone, shot down less than a klick away; recover any intel if possible


After the success of our first objective, we re-stocked our ammo, supplies and meds, finished setting up the FOB and bagged some bodies. We now had about a 900m hike to the UAV but we were short on time. Delayed by the sheer force encountered at Kamino over two hours ago along with the sudden counter attack, it was looking less and less likely that we could secure that drone.


Sure enough, at about 500m out, Crossroads informed us that Russian troops had secure the drone for themselves. Fair enough I suppose, but I would rather lose a drone than a FOB. Objective failed, can't win them all.



3: Neutralise a Russian HVT likely held up inside Camp Maxwell


Another very simple task, "kill and confirm", this turned out to be the biggest stalemate of the entire operation. We headed towards Maxwell via armed Humvee and encountered heavy Spetsnaz resistance along the way, mostly from Air Station Mike-26. At this point, they defiantly knew we were coming, so we hid the car in nearby forest and headed in on foot.


I had a really bad feeling about hitting Maxwell in the blind, sure we could get close without them seeing us, but we would have no idea what were facing. Maxwell is positioned at the peak of a hill, surrounded by thick forest. Recon was not an option. We headed in blind. As we began to see the camp, we slowed it down, played it safe and moved close. All we saw was a large number of civilians, no troops, no officer. So we moved out of cover to get closer. As we moved, so did an entire Russian platoon; on to Maxwell. We stepped in from the East, the Russians stepped in from the West. We were instantly overwhelmed with gunfire, we were easilly outnumbered five to one and had no choice but to push out of Maxwell after being there for literally less than a minute.


We couldn't fall back, we could't use the Humvee, we were stuck behind a rock formation that couldn't cover a fireteam if they all tried. Within the next five minutes, the Russians went from an already too close engagement distance of 100m, to 5m. Russians were stepping on us left and right, running out of ammo and meds, this was not looking good. By the grace of God, something convince some random Russian officer to try his luck taking me down, he put me to the floor but caught a round from Mini before he could finish me off. The Russians were so close I couldn't even move to the body to confirm if it was our guy. Eventually, I grabbed him and confirmed. This was our guy.


In an instant, we threw all the smoke we had and B-Lined back to the Humvee. We had heavy, danger close cover from Steel Rain that I had called in half a minute before leaving, flattening Maxwell to the ground. No luck at the Humvee either. That Spetsnaz platoon set up at Mike-26 had followed us to Maxwell ("The're here." - LCpl Minipily before being spotted by Spetsnaz fireteam less than ten meters away). We could only manage to kill enough Spec. Ops. to get to our car, after that, it was top speed, Colin McCrae, 110km/h into a dirt-road corner driving back to Kamino.





After a notable success taking Kamino, the Russians hit back increasingly harder; we took Kamino - they took our UAV - we took out an officer - they took Mike-26


Maxwell is a wasteland no thanks to us. Civilian casualties were in the dozens, not including Kamino. We did what we had to do.


Overall, I would say the mission provoked a massive, tactical and military stalemate. They might have lost an officer and a FOB on Stratis, but we lost our fucking minds on that island.


(A civilian sits inside Kamino Firing Range, surrounded by Russian MSV bodies in the aftermath of the attack. [Taken from a different time, but mirrors in similarity])


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